How Seniors Can Stay Safe With OUPES

It seems everyone’s in the market for a portable solar generator these days. But why? Some factors for their increasing popularity include the rise of RV living, the tiny house movement, and rapidly rising energy costs. Another factor less under our control is natural disasters and power outages. When emergency strikes, older adults are often most vulnerable—especially those who require 24-hour medical equipment, refrigerated medications, or their bodies can’t handle extreme temperature fluctuations.

Thankfully, having a standby solar generator—like those made by Honda, Jackery, Bluetti, and OUPES—can solve all these problems and more in the case of an emergency. Read on to find out how.

Why Having Power Back Up Is Essential

The OUPES Solar Generator is a reliable source of energy when disaster strikes. Getting a solar generator for your home is a safeguard against everything from equipment failure to freezing temperatures.

Climate Control

Older adults have a more challenging time regulating their body temperature. They’re also more likely to suffer from chronic conditions affecting temperature regulation, like diabetes, high blood pressure, and thyroid conditions.

This means they’re more affected by extreme temperature fluctuations: they get cold or hot much faster than younger adults.

Having emergency power in the form of a solar generator means a senior can keep fans, a space heater, electric blankets, or even a small portable AC running. If necessary, they can focus on warming or cooling a single room in their home, where they can safely undertake everyday tasks until the emergency passes.

Medical Equipment and Medicine

A short power outage can be challenging for someone who relies on electrical medical equipment. An extended failure can be life-threatening.

Some typical home medical equipment that requires an electrical connection to work include:

  • Breathing machines (like ventilators and respirators)
  • Mobility equipment (like bed lifts)
  • Electric hospital beds
  • Power wheelchairs and scooters
  • Oxygen, suction, and home dialysis machines

These machines can be plugged into your solar generator to ensure they continue running uninterrupted. Outside of equipment, some people also need to keep essential medication cold. For example, insulin needs to be stored in the refrigerator. Ice may work in the short term, but having access to a solar power generator to run a small bar fridge could be life-saving.

Food Safety

Having access to safe, nutritious food is essential for older adults. While they often need fewer calories than younger people, even a minor food poisoning is more likely to land them in the hospital.

Fresh food goes off quickly in high temperatures. In fact, the USDA recommends a blanket “two-hour rule.” In a prolonged power outage in the height of summer, it’s hard to keep food safe outside the refrigerator. Undercooked meat, seafood, and dairy also pose a health risk. A solar generator allows seniors to power a fridge and freezer and cook food thoroughly.

Why Choose an OUPES Solar Generator?

The OUPES Solar Generator is ideal for older adults who live independently. These generators couldn’t be simpler to set up and operate, they’re powered by free energy from the sun, and they’re quite literally guaranteed to last.

Free to Power

Most older adults are retired, which means they usually live on a fixed income. This may give them little to no extra money to purchase emergency fuel to refuel a fossil fuel-powered generator.

Thankfully, if they’re already set up with an OUPES solar generator and solar panels, they can use the machine to:

  • Run appliances directly
  • Charge their batteries in their backyard
  • Store the energy in a portable power pack

And all this is achieved using free emergency solar energy!

Easy to Use

Since OUPES generators are designed to be used outdoors, and on the go, first and foremost, they’re durable plug-and-go machines. This makes them easy to operate in almost any circumstance, from camping in the wilderness to relaxing at home. To operate your generator, you:

  • Place the solar panels in direct sunlight to collect solar energy
  • Store electricity from solar panels in the portable power station
  • Power various devices and appliances by releasing stored energy

It couldn’t be simpler, right?

Guaranteed to Work

OUPES stands behind its world-class engineering and quality manufacturing. We offer a generous 24-month limited warranty on all our products, including generators and power stations. Keep the sales receipt to ensure your warranty remains authorized.

And if you’re not satisfied with the product, you can return it within 30 days for a full refund or exchange—no questions asked. Just make sure the product is clean, undamaged, and in its original packaging. Just be aware that clearance and sale items are not eligible for a refund.

Useful Accessories

OUPES solar generators are designed to work with our wide range of handy accessories. These include:

  • Portable Solar Panels (100w)
  • Portable Solar Panels (480w)
  • Carrying bag
  • 200w AC adaptor

Each item has all the necessary cords to connect seamlessly with your new generator. If you’re unsure how many solar panels to buy or in what wattage, contact our team. We can advise you based on your power generation needs.

Invest in a Standby Solar Generator for Senior Safety

Seniors looking to create a safe home environment should consider investing in a standby solar generator. These portable, easy-to-operate machines are cleaner, less noisy than their fossil fuel counterparts, and free to power from solar panels. If you have medical needs, can’t handle the heat and humidity of summer, or want to make sure your phone stays charged, this purchase is for you.

OUPES was founded by engineers passionate about outdoor adventure. As such, all our solar power products are designed to work in the most demanding environments. We’re constantly innovating to create the safest, most efficient solar products for use at home or on the road. Explore our solar generators today.