Light Up The Night: How To Choose The Right Solar Generator For Camping

Have you ever heard of ecovillages? These are the communities built for sustainability and off-grid living. Not only are ecovillages becoming more popular, but people are choosing to live in RVs instead of homes. 

1.7 billion people are opting for a more flexible way of living away from the pressure of mortgages and house waiting lists.

The idea of living wherever you want with little reliance on technology and gas imports is a liberating thought. But, in reality, you need to make sure you have an energy source before you can start a nomadic lifestyle. 

The good news is, there's a solution to this. Having a solar generator for outdoor adventures is the best way to supply your off-grid lifestyle without harming the environment. 

Interested? Then keep reading! 

Tips for Picking a Solar Generator for Outdoor Adventures 

Here's how to choose a solar generator and where to find the best solar generator for camping and other outdoor activities! Another tip is to create a mini checklist so you have all the information in one place.

1. Battery Life 

The first thing you need to consider when choosing a solar generator for RV solar is the battery life. If you intend to live in your RV and run off only solar energy, then you need a generator that will last long.

That's why you need to research the capacity and determine if it will be enough for your usage. 

2. Power 

Another important tip for finding a camping solar generator is looking at the power rating. You need to determine how much power you'll need. Otherwise, it might not last the length of time you need it for camping

3. PV Input

A PV input is essential, as it controls how long it will take to charge your generator. Look at it this way: the higher the PV input, the quicker your solar generator will charge. 

For a generator for camping, you want to make sure you can charge the power if you're in the middle of nowhere and need energy. Otherwise, you might end up stranded in nature. 

4. Type of Battery

In addition to the battery life, the type of battery is also key to finding a solar generator for outdoor adventures. The two most common options are lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries. 

The best choice for a lightweight battery is lithium-ion. Even though they are more expensive, they make a big difference to the weight of your vehicle. 

In contrast, lead-acid batteries are great for powering vehicles and tend to cost less. But, you might have to replace them more often, so that's something to consider before making your final choice. 

5. Controller 

Finally, you need to examine the charge controller. The most basic models will cut the power when the voltage hits the maximum capacity. However, more expensive options will offer more detailed control features. 

Now, where can you buy the best types of generators for camping? 

The Best Options for Solar Generators 

When you're ready to buy your next solar generator, you'll need to find the right seller. OUPES offers a range of high-quality solar generators at affordable prices, so you won't need to break the bank! 

OUPES 600W Solar Generator Kit

The first option is the 600W Solar Generator Kit. Here are the features of this amazing design:

  • 595wh lifepo4 battery, life cycle 2500+ to 80%
  • Pure Sine Wave AC Inverter
  • Recharge in 3.5 Hours
  • Fast Solar recharge rates
  • Hassle-free setup

OUPES 1200W Solar Generator Kit

Next on the list is the 1200W Solar Generator Kit. So, what makes this generator better than the 600W?

Well, it has a 3600W peak output, which means you can use it for portable needs such as camping. It also has wonderful endurance and 6 times longer lifespan. 

Plus, it has fast solar recharging, so you don't need to worry about running out of energy! 

However, if these options are what you're looking for, then there are also these two other designs:

No matter your needs and your individual lifestyle, one of these solar generators is guaranteed to supply you with all the energy necessary for a fun and sustainable off-grid lifestyle.

Benefits of a Solar Generator

Without a doubt, solar generators are the best choice for camping. If you're interested in the benefits and want to weigh up your options before swiping your credit card, then keep reading.


If you're concerned that your solar generator will make lots of noise and keep you up at night, you can put your worries aside. Solar generators are known for their quiet nature, so you barely notice they are there! 

As well as the fact there is no noise, there are also these pros: 

  • Constant energy supply 
  • Low running costs 
  • Eco-friendly 
  • Portable 

In contrast, you should be aware of the cons of this option for supplying your RV with energy.


  • Installation time 
  • Temperature-sensitive 

Overall there are undeniable benefits to purchasing a solar generator for camping, and it allows you to sit back and relax in nature without the need to be near an energy source. 

The sun in the sky is all you need to enjoy a weekend away under the stars! 

You can roast marshmallows while your outside fairy lights are running off your solar generator's power in your RV. It almost sounds too good to be true, but it's not.

OUPES has the generators to make it happen.

Upgrade Your RV With a Solar Generator

It can be hard finding the perfect solar generator for outdoor adventures, but the good news is that you don't need to do much research. As you're reading this, you already know where to go.

OUPES has the best range of solar generators with several features that make the most of battery power and solar energy. You can pick one from this article and try it for yourself. 

You won't be disappointed. 

If you have any further questions, call or send a message to OUPES to find out more!