How a Portable Solar Generator Can Support Your Next Sailing Trip

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It's time for a boating trip. You've got your trunks, your sunscreen, and a cooler with a six-pack. But did you remember to bring your solar generator? Rivers, oceans, and seas are both places of incredible beauty and incredible danger. The US Coast Guard alone reports over 600 boating fatalities every year. It's likely that many boating-related fatalities could be alleviated if the boaters came prepared with portable solar panels.

Of course, there are far more reasons to have solar technology than just a backup in a bad situation. Keep reading as we discuss how boat solar panels will be the best addition to your upcoming sailing trip.

What Is Solar-Powered Sailing?

It depends on who you ask. Solar-powered sailing can refer to using a boat that runs on electrical power. Or, it can refer to a boat that charges its onboard batteries with solar power. Every boat, even sailboats, has energy needs. From navigation tools to lighting, these are crucial systems that you may not be able to function without. Even in a diesel-powered boat where fuel generates electricity, it's always a good idea to have a backup.

A solar generator captures the sun's photons and converts them into electricity. It stores this electricity in a power bank, ready for whenever you need it. Whatever your situation, it's never a bad idea to have a backup power source. You can use this to power items in addition to crucial systems, such as phones and speakers. With an impending energy and climate crisis, it's important for boat owners to be self-sufficient. Boating as a whole contributes a considerable amount to pollution. Your efforts to use solar technology will help build a greener, brighter future.

Benefits of Portable Solar Generators for Sailing

The reasons for getting your boat equipped for solar sailing are too numerous to list in detail here. So let's cover just a few of the main reasons you should equip your ship with PV panels.

Emergency Preparedness

It's crucial to have enough food and water for your trip, but often electricity can be the difference between life and death. A source of power can assist you in calling for rescue. Except in the event of incredibly stormy weather, boat solar powers guarantee that you can charge your batteries during daylight hours. The battery keeps this power ready for those life-and-death moments when you need it most.

Redundancy for Your Batteries

Even if there is no emergency, it pays to have a redundant power source for shipboard batteries. Batteries age with time, so your boat may not hold a full charge after several years of use. Or, your ship may experience technical difficulties with the batteries or engine that deprive you of battery power. In either case, a solar generator is there to make up for inadequacies.

Power for Repairs

If something goes wrong on the ship, it may just require a simple fix with some power tools. Power tools tend to be energy hogs, and if your ship's battery is shot, that's going to be a problem. Again, emergency or not, a solar generator supplies you with the necessary electricity in these situations.

Augment Your Power Capacity

If you're bringing out a lot of people, power consumption may quadruple to a level that your boat cannot handle. Portable solar panels can make up for the capacity that you lack. There's no need to stop the party, then, just because someone can't plug in their Bluetooth speakers.

How Portable Solar Generators Can Help You Enjoy Your Time on the Water

Boat solar panels aren't just for when the crap hits the fan. Your solar generator can help with energy-hungry tasks such as the following:

  • Using induction cookers
  • Supplying other appliances, such as microwaves and coffee makers
  • Powering any personal items such as hair dryers and personal electronic devices
  • Heating water for showers

In other words, boat solar panels add a lot of needed convenience. If your intent is to have an enjoyable, worry-free time out on the water, then backup power can add that extra layer of convenience. You can bring along anything that you need or want--laptops, cellphones, you name it--without worrying about dead devices. Even on overcast days, you can still get a small charge. Since there's already a battery, you can save up when it's sunny for the times when it's not. There will be plenty of solar power to last into the night as well.

How to Choose a Solar Generator for Your Sailboat

Google search for a solar generator and you're likely to get hundreds of results. They may inundate you with features, or make claims that seem a bit too good to be true. On the whole, look for a few key features when shopping for boat solar panels and their generator.

  • Portability: find solar panels that can fold up, with a generator that is easy for a single person to carry
  • Versatile: has multiple power outputs to supply all different devices, from grounded plugs to DC/AV inverters
  • Variety: choose a brand that gives you options for every use case, whether that be a single solar panel or multiple
  • Expandability: allows you to upgrade as your needs grow
  • Power specs: make sure the power output is sufficient for your specific needs

Find a Solar Generator Today

A solar generator is a valuable asset for any ship, big or small. It provides a backup in the event of an emergency as well as quick, easy-to-use electricity for your convenience. Make sure to purchase boat solar panels that suit your power consumption needs, as well as a solar generator that is feature-rich and portable.

At Oupes, we make solar generators for every use case imaginable. Whether you're sailing or backpacking, our solar generator systems will provide the power you need no matter where you are. Check out our New Year Sale for the best deals in 2023.

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