OUPES Solar Generator Christmas Sale: Give The Gift Of Power

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Merry Christmas to all OUPES friends. May OUPES light up your Christmas! Let OUPES provide you with more joy before Christmas comes when everyone is happy! You can join the OUPES Christmas event and get the portable solar power stations or solar generators you want at a more favorable price! During the OUPES Christmas event, you can even get up to 35% Off!

Christmas is coming and the best gifts are here:

Christmas is a time of reaping and spreading joy. Every year, Christmas is on the way and it's time to start gifting. Are you thinking about sending some innovative and practical gifts to your family and friends to show your concern for them? This year OUPES will accompany you through a happy Christmas! Not only can you buy solar generators at a more favorable price from OUPES, but you can also get gifts from OUPES! Even, if you participate in the Christmas event held by OUPES, you may get a free portable solar power station! The following is a more detailed description of the activities:

OUPES Christmas Sales: Up To $1000 OFF

This Christmas, OUPES has prepared many heart-warming discounts for everyone. Here, you can save up to $1000 more than usual! This Christmas sale will end on December 31, so you still have plenty of time to buy the solar generators you want. Below are some of the best-selling products, all of which are $100 off their original prices!

Solar Power Station 1200W With 2*100W Panels: only $945

This portable solar power station delivers 992Wh of power with a continuous output of 1200W and a peak output of 3600W. Now you can get this generator and two 100W solar charging panels for just $945.

This portable solar power station can provide you with a super long-time power supply, which is a good choice for your short-term travel, camping, and power storage at home.

l 3 recharging methods:

Solar, AC, and DC. You can use solar panels to recharge your devices directly or connect them with a cable. Also, you can charge it from an AC outlet or DC cigarette lighter socket.

If you use the wall outlet to charge, it takes 6.5 hours. If using solar panels, it can be fully charged within 6-8 hours.

l 10 output ports:

This portable solar power station has 10 output ports, you can charge 10 devices at the same time. On a full charge, it can power your small fridge for up to 17 hours. You can also use it to power your 500W juicer to squeeze some Christmas juice for you. It can supply power continuously for 2 hours.

l Advanced BMS system:

It is equipped with an advanced BMS system that prevents overcharge, discharge, and short circuits. If the internal temperature of the solar power station exceeds 50°C, it will automatically stop charging to protect your devices.

l 2*100W Solar Panels:

In addition, you will also get two state-of-the-art monocrystalline silicon solar panels. This solar panel is made of monocrystalline silicon, which has a strong photoelectric conversion rate. its efficiency can reach 21%–22%! That means it can get you more power faster.

And, you even use it to charge on a cloudy Christmas day. Because it is different from polysilicon panels, it can be recharged on cloudy days. Or, you can just wait for spring and take it on a picnic!

In addition to the special sale of this portable solar power station, you can also see many series of solar generators on sale at lower prices:

Solar Generator Kits:

You can get Solar Generator Kits for even less during this Christmas sale. There will be solar generators, several solar panels, AC adapters, and Car Charging cables in these kits.

It is not a small expense to buy solar panels separately at ordinary times. Now, you can get a portable solar power station with solar panels at a lower price! These tools are not only practical and powerful backing but also can be a gift for your friends and family.

During the Christmas campaign, you can use the discount code "Xmas22" to get more discounts. Take OUPES 2400W Portable Power Station with 4*240W solar Solar Panels as an example below. It's almost $1200 off its usual price!

This OUPES 2400W Portable Power Station is an undisputed power king. It can provide a steady 2232Wh of power and is capable of powering 14 devices simultaneously. On a full charge, it can power a 150W portable refrigerator for 15-28 hours.

With the help of solar panels, its working efficiency has been greatly improved. Because you can charge it through the battery board, it only takes 3-3.5 hours to fully charge. In addition to solar charging, you can charge it using a wall socket at home, and it can be fully charged in just 6 hours.

If OUPES 1200W is a good partner for short-distance travel, 2400W is a good helper for your long-distance travel. If you are planning an RV trip or a long-distance trip after Christmas, 2400W is your best choice. Its powerful battery life is your strong backing on the road.

Power Stations:

If you've already bought solar panels at OUPES and you think they're not bad, you can check out these portable solar power stations. In OUPES's Christmas promotions, they provide preferential portable solar power stations: 600W, 1200W, 1800W, and 2400W generators. These four generators are equipped with a premium LiFePO4 Battery capable of maintaining 80% battery health for ultra-high 2500+ full charge cycles. This is much higher than other similar products in the industry, and most of those products can only reach 500 times.

So these four portable solar power stations can be perfectly adapted to your various indoor and outdoor applications. You also don't have to worry about them breaking down so quickly that they are unusable. In fact, they can accompany you one warm Christmas after another. They can accompany you to create beautiful memories together.

Join In OUPES Christmas Campaign:

In addition to promotions, OUPES also provides surprises for friends! You can post the following content on social accounts (such as Facebook or Twitter), and @OUPES's official account, you may get a Christmas power gift from OUPES! The following is a detailed introduction to the event. If you want to know more, you can go to their official website to view detailed information.

Date: 12.11-12.24

1. Light up your Christmas with OUPES!

Post a video or photo of OUPES lighting up the Christmas tree, and then @OUPES's official account. The Christmas tree is a symbol of Christmas and a symbol of people's happiness. OUPES is willing to be the "torch" to light up Christmas, and also willing to be a good helper to light up your beautiful life. And your video will be seen by many people and become their source of warmth. This is also a fun way to shoot short videos, full of Christmas rituals. This might earn you a lot of likes.

2. How would you celebrate Christmas with OUPES if you got one?

Make a post and @OUPES official account. This is not just an ordinary post. It may contain your expectations and plans for the new year. You can put the RV travel plan that has been put on hold for a long time on the agenda again. You can also plan a nice outing during the warm spring months. You can also try things you haven't tried before, like camping in nature. With OUPES, you can enjoy life off the grid to the fullest. There are very rich gifts in the prize pool of this event. You may get the following gifts:

  • Up to 200$ coupon;
  • 10*OUPES1800W bags;
  • OUPES power station giveaway: 2*1200W, 1*1800W, 1*2400W.

Final Word:

A good Christmas is about getting people involved. This is also one of the wishes of OUPES: to bring happiness to more people! Now the portable solar power stations and solar generators of OUPES are sold at a more favorable price, just to allow more people to try a new way of life. It was a way of life full of sunshine. In this kind of life, you don't have to worry about sudden power outages, and you don't have to worry about insufficient sockets at home. You can also take it on trips and camping. You can enjoy the winds and let them blow freely in your face. Let your wonderful life begin this Christmas!

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