Solar Generator: More Possibilities With Portable Power

In our day-to-day lives, it’s easy to take electricity for granted. You wake up, brew a pot of coffee and open your refrigerator to retrieve the cream. You might go all day–even all week–without thinking about the grid used to power your appliances. Unfortunately, interruptions to our steady supply of power happen, sometimes frequently. In 2021, the average American home went without power for an average of eight hours, which is double the time from five years ago. According to the Washington Post, extreme weather is the cause of longer power outages across the country. 

Plus, it’s not only natural disasters like hurricanes or forest fires that cause power outages. Aging grids are also vulnerable to less intense storms or other factors that cause disruptions to power. In California, heat waves led to blackouts that left four million without power. And, it’s not just a U.S. problem. Last year, 350 million people found themselves without power for one reason or another. Fortunately, there are solutions that people can rely on when they can’t rely on the grid for power. A solar generator is a welcome support for times when you can’t access the grid (because you’re camping or working in a remote location) or there’s a power outage. A solar generator can provide you with power at home, or you can even take it with you. 

OUPES 1200 Portable Power Station

Solar Generators are Versatile

Solar generators are designed for versatile uses. Whether you’re going camping in the mountains without an electrical outlet in sight or deep out in your property to do some tree trimming using a power saw, you can rely on a solar generator to provide you with the energy you need. There are seemingly endless applications for solar generators. Today, people use them for:

  • Camping
  • Backpacking and hiking
  • RV living
  • Operating power tools
  • Rural living
  • Beach trips
  • Emergency power backup
  • Working in remote locations

Since there are different size models, buyers can choose a solar power generator that suits their needs. Not only are solar power generators safe to use at your home, campsite, or outdoor work location, they’re also easy to use. Even if you’ve never used one before, you’ll find that operating these generators are uncomplicated. 

OUPES 600W Portable Power Station

Lightweight and Portable

Unlike traditional power generators which are heavy and cumbersome to move, solar generators are conveniently lightweight, which makes them ideally portable. They won’t take up much room in your RV or car trunk if you’re toting them on a trip. Want to work on your laptop at the park? Don’t worry about draining its battery. You can power up your devices with a portable solar generator that’s easy to carry with you whether you’re going to the mountains, seaside, or forest. 

Need more power? If you can forgo a handheld model that you can carry, you might opt for a larger, more stationary unit. You can shop for a solar generator that will suit your needs. If you’re concerned about operating your business during a power outage or have several large appliances that require uninterrupted power, you can choose a larger unit. Solar power is scalable. In fact, many buyers have become so impressed with their portable unit that they wind up purchasing an additional model to use at home. You can keep one portable model in your RV and one at your business. The choice is yours.


Free, Sustainable Energy

After you purchase your solar energy generator, you can use it to power your appliances or devices for free. The sun provides free, sustainable, and clean energy. Over time, the free energy provided to you from your generator (as opposed to grid power) will actually offset the cost of the generator. You can harness the free power of the sun to charge your phone, laptop, or other devices as well as to provide you with an emergency power backup if your home or office loses power because of a storm or rolling blackout.  OUPES 1800W Solar Powered Generator

Clean and Quiet Operation

Today’s incarnations of portable solar generators operate noiselessly and provide clean energy. Conventional gas-powered generators are loud and dirty. Solar generators, on the other hand, power your needs with quiet efficiency. Because they rely on clean solar energy, they won’t pollute the environment. That means you can feel great about operating them in pristine national parks or in your own backyard.


Easy to Maintain and Reliable

Solar power generators are innovative and advanced, but they don’t feature a lot of parts, so they’re not subject to maintenance problems as a rule. In other words, they’re low-maintenance devices that can provide you with the reliable power you need if you can’t rely on grid power–or don’t choose to rely on grid power. At a time when power outages are on the increase, it’s a comfort to know you can rely on your solar generator to power your essential appliances during natural disasters. 

The batteries used in your solar generator are designed to last for years. They continue to power up harnessing the sun’s natural energy. Typically, you’ll just need to keep your generator clean so that it functions optimally. 

oupes solar powered generator

Cost-Effective Models

Solar power generators vary in price depending on their size and power capacity. However, collectively, these portable solar power stations have come down in price in recent years, making for an affordable energy option. The fact is, you don’t have to spend a fortune to have reliable, portable power at your disposal. You can choose a model that suits your needs and budget. 



OUPES Solar Generator 600W

OUPES 600W Solar Generator Kit

The OUPES solar generator is a portable device that can provide up to several hours of backup power for your home.

Oupes 600W Solar Generator

It has multiple AC sockets with high wattage and USB ports which you can charge phones, tablets, laptops, lights and more when needed.

It features quick charging which makes it perfect for those spontaneous picnics or camping plans.

So next time when you think about going off-grid, check out OUPES solar generator.

It also comes with a car charger so you can charge it on your way to the campsite.

This solar generator may have less capacity than other products in the market.

However you will also need to play less as the costs would be less as well. 

Oupes 1100W Solar Generator

OUPES 1100W Solar Generator

The OUPES 1100W Solar Generator is a solar generator that can be used for both home and outdoor.

It is a very popular solar generator in Texas.

With a capacity of 992 Wh, it’s equipped with multiple AC sockets, USB ports, and LED lights.


When it comes to solar generators, the applications are seemingly endless. You no longer have to feel tied to the grid in order to have a reliable power source. Take your solar power station tenting in the woods or use it at your lake cabin. If a storm temporarily knocks out power to your home, you don’t have to worry about powering your essential devices or appliances. You can rely on your solar power generator for free, clean, solar energy.