It's estimated that around 1 million Americans have ditched the suburban dream for an off-grid life in an RV. But, out of these thousands of people living this way, how many of them use solar generators? 

With the rise of environmental consciousness across the globe it's more important than ever to invest in eco-friendly equipment. Owning a solar generator for off-grid living is the only way to live your best life on the road!

So, in case you're wondering what is a solar generator for RVs? or, are there portable solar generators available? Then, all your queries will be answered in this article. 

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What Is an RV Solar Generator?

A solar generator works the same way as a solar-powered light that you can hang in your outdoor area, they run through the use of energy directly from the sun.

During the daylight hours, these solar generates store enough energy that operates your electrical appliances and other RV equipment. You can even find a solar generator for camping when you want to go out into nature.

This tool doesn't require other moving parts, it's completely portable. So, you can take it with you wherever you go and whatever country you want to travel to. It's the best companion for RV homeowners. 

To give you some more information about why a solar generator for off-grid living is essential here are some magical benefits to owning this wonderful device.

Benefits of a Solar Generator for Off-Grid Living

OUPES 1200W Solar Generator Kit


If you've decided to live in an RV then you're already in the right mindset regarding natural living and flexible housing. But, there are always ways to improve your lifestyle and make it more practical. 

The first benefit of solar generators is the noise level. 

1. Quiet 

No one wants to hear the constant purr of a gas generator during the night. It's inconvenient and frustrating but it's often the most common choice for people living in RVs. 

However, with the invention of solar-powered generators, you no longer need to worry about the noise. These models are quieter than gas-powered alternatives and therefore are more pleasant to have in your home. 

This can also be useful if you're staying in an open location with other vehicles and don't want to disturb the neighbors. 

2. Low Maintenance 

As living off-grid is about making your life simple then the last thing you want is to do constant maintenance on a generator, right? Luckily, with solar generators, there is little upkeep. 

Once it's installed and you know how to use it all you have to do is transport it with your RV. Compared to a gas generator that has a higher risk of breaking down, this could save you time and money in the future. 

3. Easy to Install

OUPES 1200W Solar Generator Kit


 Another great advantage of solar generators is the installation process. The products available today make installing this equipment easy and quick. Normally, all you need is a manual and the correct parts. 

Then, most people can install these generators themselves! 

However, if you want to invest in more complicated systems then you might have to hire a professional. That being said, more portable solar generators are designed for the consumer to install themselves. 

4. Environmentally Friendly

As solar generators use energy from the sun that means that you don't have to feel guilty about your impact on the environment. Research shows that gas generators cause air pollution and other disastrous effects on the earth.

So, to avoid contributing to these hazardous practices then buying a solar generator is the best option. Although this won't solve all the environmental problems it's a step in the right direction. 

5. Freedom From Anywhere 

OUPES Portable Power Station 600W


If there's a sun in the sky, then you can use your solar generator wherever you are. To fully enjoy your RV lifestyle you want as few constraints as possible so switching to solar power gives you even more freedom. 

Often the choice of location is dependent on the energy supply if you rely on gas generators which can limit your options when traveling. Therefore, using solar power generators allows you to go to more places. 

Just remember to organize a backup in case of emergencies and you can venture all over the world! 

Types of Solar Generators for RVs

When it comes to choosing your solar generator there are two varieties available: permanently installed or portable

Of course, the choice will depend on your individual needs and what you will be using the energy for. For instance, permanent generators are needed for more power and long-term usage. 

You can also customize permanent generators more than portable ones with features like wattage, inverter size, charge controller, and battery capacity. This way, you can alter the design for your lifestyle. 

The only downside is you need time to plan and determine the details so it's not as quick to install. 

Portable Solar Generators 

In contrast, portable solar generators are lightweight and ideal for camping trips in the woods with family and friends.

That means you can start using these portable options such as the 12000W Power Station as soon as you buy them! Here are some of the features:

  • Lifepo4 battery offers a 2500+ cycle life
  • Fully charged in 8 hours
  • LED flashlight for clear display
  • Safety protection from heat and over-current

This model is ideal for people who enjoy camping on the road, would like to become more eco-friendly, and want some freedom when traveling. It's the perfect travel companion for RVs.

OUPES has the concerns of RV homeowners and off-grid families at the core of their business so you'll find the best portable solar generator at affordable prices. 

All you need to do is take a look! 

Harness the Power of the Sun for Off-Grid Living


Deciding between a permanent and portable solar generator for off-grid living will come down to your needs, budget, and the size of your RV.  However, you can't go wrong with either design. 

The benefits of solar generators will make your life much simpler and will negate the harmful effects of gas on the environment. After you've installed your new generator you can focus on living in nature.

You can find everything you need on the OUPES website. Reach out for more information!