Which OUPES Solar Generator Has the Most Energy Capacity?

Which OUPES Solar Generator Has the Most Energy Capacity?

People today prize two things – saving money and being self-sufficient. When you throw in protecting the environment, you've captured three of people's most passionate life goals. You can take advantage of all three when you invest in a solar generator. The field of solar generators is expected to surpass $914 million by 2030 – nearly doubling over the course of the decade.

OUPES is a trusted manufacturer of these products that has generators with various energy capacity ratings. So, which OUPES solar generators give you the most energy capacity? We're happy to explain. These tips will explain how you can find the OUPES solar generator with the greatest capacity so that your household has the home backup power that it needs.

Which Solar Generator Has the Most Energy Capacity?

OUPES is a solar energy brand that creates an assortment of equipment that RVers, campers, homeowners, and people from all walks of life rely on. These devices are not only impeccably crafted, but many of them also have high energy capacity.

When you're able to get this much energy at your fingertips, you'll be able to power all your devices and go about your everyday life as usual. A glimpse at OUPES' catalog shows that the 2400W model is the generator with the greatest energy capacity. There are some specifications and features that will help you decide whether this generator is right for you.

An Energy Powerhouse

You need to know that you have power at your fingertips whenever you decide to invest in a solar generator. Some people decide to build their own solar powered generator, while others choose to shop with a retailer that has plenty of products available.

It's a 2400W power station that gives users more than 3,500 battery cycles. This generator has the energy capacity and flexibility to power upward of 95% of appliances. It has a capacity of 2232Wh.

Flexibility in a Single Device

The benefits of having a quality solar generator are clear. It gives people power when they need it and otherwise wouldn't have it. The 2400W power station from OUDES comes with 14 outlets that people can use to power their appliances and devices.

When you experience a power outage due to a storm or any other issue, this device can give you three full days of emergency power. It gets all of these energy cycles on a single charge.

Excellent Sustainable Power for All Your Devices

Perhaps the most important benefit is that you'll be able to use your most important devices for several sessions on a single charge. Some of the main devices that people power through solar generators include smartphones, laptops, coffee makers, refergierators, and entertainment systems.

The energy capacity of this generator allows you to power up these devices for long stretches of time. For example, you can get 155 charges out of a smartphone. You will get 30 full charges out of your laptop when you use this generator. You can run your air conditioner for upward of 8 hours, and will get between 17 and 30 hours from your refrigerator.

If you love your morning coffee, you will get an amazing 3.6 hours of coffee machine usage. When you understand these timetables, you can keep all of your devices charged while being judicious with how much energy each is using.

A Long Lasting Battery

Since these generators are powered by sunlight, you'll need to know the battery life. The panels draw in energy from the sun, which is then converted to electricity by using the battery. While this generator gets 3,500 battery cycles from each lifespan, other generators only get about 500 battery cycles. This gives the 2400W generator 7 more hours of battery life than other models. These batteries are built with quality chemistry, which means that you can count on them still operating in the best condition well after surpassing 3,000 battery cycles.

Knowing this, you will get your money's worth when you invest in this generator and can count on it for frequent use as part of an outdoors life, or sparingly during emergency situations for your home.

What Other OUPES Solar Generators Are Available?

Regardless of what you need from a solar generator, you should keep in mind that OUPES has a plethora of other models available. They have different energy capacities and many similar features.

The next greatest energy capacity is the 1800W solar generator. This 1800W power station gives you the chance to take advantage of 1488Wh capacity, along with 3,500 or more life cycles. This features ten different outlets that you can use to power your devices. Some of the other OUPES generators that you might decide to look into include the 1200W solar generator, 600W solar generator, and 240W solar generator options.

Look into these models and figure out which will be best for your energy needs.

Invest in Eco-Friendly Home Backup Power

When you're looking into a solar generator, OUPES has plenty that you can choose between. Take the time to shop the inventory until you find the quality solar generator that you need to power your appliances and other devices.

These generators are excellent whether you want to have power for your hiking, fishing, and camping trips, or just need to be sure you can keep the lights on after a hurricane. The energy is clean, green-friendly, and plentiful, and you'll get the greatest energy capacity when you consider the information above.

If you're ready to shop our eco-friendly energy products we'd be happy to hear from you. Take the time to contact us online if you have questions.

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