Wildfires Rage in Northern California, How to Deal With Emergency Disasters

Did you know that there are over 6,000 natural disasters that happen each year? That means that the odds of you experiencing one natural disaster each year are pretty high.

And when disaster strikes, you want to be prepared. Having the right emergency power supplies can mean the difference between surviving a natural disaster and not.

For instance, California's largest wildfire of the year is still happening, and many people had to evacuate. But not all of them were prepared, and some had to deal with the cost of that.

To avoid that in your own life, continue reading to learn more about the effects of California's largest fire this year and how you can prepare to be safe with an emergency power supply like a portable power station.

California's Largest Fire in 2022

Wildfires are raging across the United States, and it doesn't seem like they will be stopping any time soon.

McKinney Fire is the largest fire in 2022 in California to date. Because of strong winds from thunderstorms and really high temperatures in the area, the fire just became bigger and bigger, growing up to 55,000 acres.

To date, nearly 3,000 people evacuated the area out of the fire's reach. The fire began in the Klamath National Forest in Siskiyou County. Since it began, it has also destroyed over 100 different structures like homes, grocery stores, and even a community center.

The fire even got to the point where it generated a pyrocumulonimbus, which is its own cloud that can create its own weather.

the wildfire in California

Residential Electricity

With the fire obviously comes negative effects for the people in the area and the surrounding areas.

Over 300 residents in the surrounding area lost power due to the fire itself and the damage it has done. Emergency power supply restored the electricity for those residents.

Emergency Response Measures

Firefighters have been on the scene since the fire first broke out, and it is now 95% contained as of August 15, 2022. However, firefighters under the direction of the California Interagency Incident Management Team 2 are still managing the fire's perimeter.

Firefighters are paying particular attention to areas of unburned vegetation because they have been producing smoke and heat. There are also aircraft emergency response measures to view the fire from above and report back to the others. 

Firefighters have more access to other parts of the fire's outbreak area. Because of this, repair work will happen shortly.

Because of the response of firefighters and emergency response personnel, the progression of the fire has stopped. However, there is still some containment that needs to happen.

Evacuations are still in effect, and warnings are in place for certain areas around the fire. Shelters are also available for those who are affected and displaced from their homes during the fire.

How to Deal With Emergency Disasters if Caught in One

It's no one's hope or dream to deal with fire as a natural disaster. In fact, any natural disaster is not something people should mess with. Instead, the key to surviving these and coming out stronger to beat the natural disaster is being prepared for one (even if you hope it doesn't occur).

Have the Essentials

To prepare for a natural disaster, you want to equip yourself with all of the essentials. You never know when disaster can strike, and you should always be prepared with the following:

  • Flashlight
  • Candles and matches
  • Portable heater or AC unit
  • Battery-operated fan 
  • Cooler for food and drinks
  • Extra water
  • Extra batteries

Not only do you want these essentials, but you should also have a power station.

Get a Portable Power Station 

One of the most important essentials you could get to prepare for an emergency disaster is a portable power station. With one of these, you do not have to worry about the power going out as much. You'll still be able to plug in lamps with the station as well as plug in your phone or computer to get updates on what is happening around you.

If it is hot or really cold, you'll be able to plug in a portable heater or AC unit to ensure that you can stay comfortable during a power outage. 

Having more than one portable power station is always a good idea.

a portable power station of oupes

Why You Should Prepare With an Emergency Power Supply

While survival is one of the biggest reasons to be prepared for a natural disaster, there are many other reasons why you should always be prepared. You want to be prepared with emergency supplies for power especially.

Why? Because if you are not prepared (either as an individual or a company), financial losses can be extreme. Without the power to work, no money will be made, production won't continue, and you and your company will be in a bad place.

Not only that, but not being prepared can also lead to injury. Having the right equipment and essentials will make sure you stay safe and away from any injuries.

Get a Power Supply for an Emergency

If you are not currently prepared for an emergency with the right emergency power supplies, then there is no better time to become prepared than now.

It can be dangerous to leave yourself vulnerable to natural disasters, and not having an emergency power supply like a portable power station is one way to be vulnerable.

At OUPES, we pride ourselves on providing the outdoor power that you need. If you are ready to be prepared, check out our products now.