OUPES 1200 Portable Power Station | 1200W 992Wh

OUPES 1200
OUPES 1200 + 100W Solar Panel*1
OUPES 1200 + 100W Solar Panel*2
OUPES 1200 + 240W Solar Panel*1
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  • 992Wh Capacity | 1200W AC Pure Sine Wave Inverter (3600W Surge)
  • LiFePO4 Battery with 3,500+ Life Cycles to 80%
  • 10 Outputs For Multiple Devices
  • 3 Ways to Recharge (AC/Solar/Car)
  • Smart HD LCD display
  • LED Soft Lighting & SOS Signal
  • 250W Max. Input charging speed
  • Power for 85% of appliances
  • 5% of sales will be donated to the OUPES help project to help those in need. Learn More

    Meet All Your Power Needs

    With 1200W output power and 992Wh capacity, OUPES 1200 is ready to offer you long last power for every single use of outdoor adventures and home use. When a power outage occurs, OUPES offers you a different choice.

    Power Pretty Much Anything

    Experience effortless charging with the OUPES 1200. Try plugging in up to 10 devices at once for when you're around the table with the family. No more waiting in line for your turn to charge.

    Safety is Always the First Thing

    A new generation of LiFePO4 battery offers 3,500+ life cycles and with reliable use for decades (one cycle per day). With the industry-leading BMS, the OUPES 1200W can operate efficiently and safely in their daily use.

    Recharge OUPES The Way You Like

    Recharge your OUPES 1200 from an AC outlet, your car, or the solar panels. Path-through charging function enables the ability to charge the battery at the same time it powers your devices for optimal battery performance and uninterrupted use.

    Industry Leading BMS System

    The BMS battery management system has over-voltage protection, over-current protection, and over-heat protection. It adjusts the charging voltage and speed to suit your device's needs. This will protect your device and keep it lasting longer.

    Harmonious Adventure

    Indulge in a serene atmosphere and uninterrupted power with our product's exceptional performance. Experience the tranquility of its low sound emission, ensuring peaceful surroundings while providing a reliable power supply for all your needs.

    Pure Sine Wave

    Experience worry-free operation of your sensitive devices, as pure sine wave power delivers clean energy without the risk of damage or malfunctions

    Enjoy Endless Green Power

    You can charge OUPES 1200 by 100W, 2*100W or our latest 240W solar panel. The professional MPPT controller detects the voltage and current in real-time to achieve a full charge in 6 hours.


    How do I maintain my OUPES?

    OUPES advises charging regularly and keeping the battery above 20%.
    A fully charged battery can last for several months. However, please recharge it every 3 months to keep the battery above 50% if you don't use it.
    Please make sure you charge and store your power station within an ambient temperature of 0-40℃ (32-104°F), and charge the product within an ambient temperature of -10-40℃ (14-104°F).

    Does OUPES power station support pass-through charging?

    Yes, all OUPES portable power station support pass-through charging. But we don't suggest using it this way frequently as it will reduce the battery life.

    How much time it takes to use my OUPES portable power station to charge my devices?

    It depends.
    1. Firstly, you need to check out your device's operating power (measured by watts). If it is less than the output power of your OUPES's AC port, it’s supported by the power station. For example, the OUPES 1200 can run AC devices at 110V that require less than 1200W.
    2. Then, you need to calculate the charging time with the following
    formula: Working time = power station's Watt-Hours * 0.85 / operating power of your device.
    Example: Let's assume your device's power consumption is 60W (might be a box fan), and you use the OUPES 1200 to run your device, the charging time should be 992Wh*0.85/60w = 14 hours of working time roughly.
    Please note: -The actual power consumption varies based on many actual factors. -To make your OUPES’s battery has a longer lifespan, the power station will enter trickle charging mode after it’s charged to 90%-95% of the capacity, and the charging speed will drop to about ±40W-50W.

    Are all OUPES Portable Power Stations come with pure-sine wave inverter?

    Yes, all OUPES portable power stations use Pure-sine wave inverters. Pure sine wave inverters are capable of producing cleaner, smoother, quieter, and more reliable electricity to operate appliances and electronics without interference.

    How to choose solar panels?

    OUPES has wide compatibility with other brands of solar panels, as long as the combined open rated voltage range is within 12-30V

    How do we ship OUPES solar generators?

    Due to the different sizes of Power Stations & Solar Panels, we will ship separately if your order has multiple products including portable power stations and solar panels.

    Can I use a third party expanded battery?

    No, the OUPES series battery can't be expanded with third party battery.
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