2400W Solar Generator

2400W solar Generator
2400W solar Generator

Explore The Greatest Outdoors

With an exceptional 2232Wh capacity and 2400W output, the OUPES 2400 can power 99% of household appliances. It can give you confidence in any emergency and power most appliances and tools for outdoor activities and home emergencies.

2400W solar Generator power
2400W solar Generator capacity
2400W solar Generator ports
2400W solar Generator 960W solar charging
2400W solar Generator lifepo4 battery
2400W solar Generator charging speed

14 Ports For Your Various Needs

OUPES 2400 can power 14 devices simultaneously: 5 * 2400W AC outputs, 4 * USB QC 3.0 plugs, 2 * 60W Type C ports, 1 car output and 2* 5521 DC ports. It can meet the port requirements of various electrical appliances you use.


With a capacity of 1488Wh, the OUPES 1800 offers up to 3 days of emergency power to your crucial devices and home appliances. The certified energy-efficient and safe LiFePO4 (LFP) battery provide you with over 2500 charge cycles.

Off-grid Home Power Supply

Devices such as electric grill, microwave, fridge and projectors can be powered by Oupes Solar 2400 for a prolonged period. Solar 2400 can even be an emergency backup for your electric vehicle.

2400W Power station, solar generator
2400W Power station, solar generator


With 4 latest 240W solar panels, the OUPES 2400 can be fully charged in 3-3.5 Hours. It takes 6 hours to fully charge from 2 household power outlets. You can also recharge the portable power station by car outlet when on the road.

2400W solar powered generator charging methods
2400W solar powered generator charging methods

Comprehensive Security & Protection

The automotive-grade aluminum alloy frame resists high-strength impacts, keeping the OUPES 2400 away from damage. 5 built-in temperature sensors in the battery to guarantee the perfect balance of safety and power.