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    About Exodus
    OUPES Unveils Exodus 600: The best entry-level portable solar power station on the market.

    In an era where renewable energy is key to sustainability, OUPES introduces Exodus 600: the game-changer in portable solar power. This device is a beacon for the solar-curious, eliminating the high-cost barrier that has long kept the technology out of reach for many.

    The Exodus 600 is light, only 8.16 lbs, yet mighty with an EV-grade LiFePO4 battery. With a 600W output and 256Wh capacity, offering dependable power that integrates a EPS function with a swift sub-20ms switch-over time. It is a robust companion for anyone entering the world of solar power. It's engineered for everyday people — those eager to embrace a cleaner energy source without financial strain.

    We set a bold goal: to offer the Exodus 600 at a fraction of the average cost of portable solar stations. Priced will be the lowest, it stands as the most affordable entry point into the world of portable solar power without sacrificing performance.

    OUPES is proud to present the Exodus 600 on April 22nd — your gateway to sustainable power. It's not just an innovation; it's an invitation to participate in a greener future, affordably and efficiently.

    The best entry-level portable solar power station
    EXODUS 600
    256Wh Capacity 600w Output
    EXODUS 600 Plus
    512Wh Capacity 600w Output
    EXODUS 600
    256Wh Capacity 600w Output
    EXODUS 600 Plus
    512Wh Capacity 600w Output
    Highly Efficient Solar Charging
    1 hrs
    Fast Charge
    3 hrs
    Normal charge
    AC Charging
    Combined AC + PV Charging
    46 minutes
    33 minutes
    PV Charging
    60 minutes
    Highly Efficient solar Charging
    1 hr
    Fast Charge
    3 hr
    Normal charge

    Travel with peace of mind

    meet all your electricity needs
    Check Appliance Runtime
    EXODUS 600
    256Wh Capacity | 600W Output
    30 times
    20 times
    8 times
    12 charges
    6 hours
    4 times
    512Wh Capacity | 600W Output
    60 times
    40 times
    16 times
    24 charges
    12 hours
    8 times
    Lightweight at only 8.16 lbs

    Portable and convenient on-the-go power

    With its compact and portable design, taking travel-friendly power off-grid has never been easier. Weighing 30% lighter than the industry norm, the Exodus 600 is ready to power all your outdoor escapades, from boondocking to beach barbecues.
    6-in-1 Power Solution

    Meets Your Every Need

    Up to 6 output ports for every need. Simply plug in what you want to charge and press the button, limitless power is available to you. The easy-to-read LCD screen displays power remaining and drawing, usage duration, AC/DC power status, fault code, etc.
    3-Year Warranty

    Hassle-Free Service

    Leading BMS System

    Protect Your Devices From Damage


    When will Exodus 600 be available for sale?

    Exodus 600 will be available for sale on April 22nd. We will be hosting a sales event from April 22nd to May 22nd, during which you can enjoy the lowest price for a lifetime. Additionally, if you show early interest and subscribe to us between March 22nd and April 21st, you will receive an additional 10% discount.

    How can I qualify for the highest discount available?

    Subscribe to us between March 22nd and April 21st, and we will email you an exclusive additional 10% off discount code.

    What types of battery does OUPES use?

    LiFePO4 - The Battery is estimated to have over 80% of your original capacity after 3500 cycles, with a gradual reduction after that. (Note: this doesn't mean the battery only has a 3500 cycle life span. It means that up until 3500 cycles, the unit can perform at its best. However, due to battery degradation there will be a gradual decline in performance after 3500 cycles.) 


    It has 6 times of longer lifespan than ordinary lithium batteries. LiFePO4 battery is much safer, more stable and more eco-friendly with no heavy metal elements that are harmful to people.

    How to know if OUPES Portable Power Station can charge my devices and how long does it support?

    The Exodus can run any device that requires less than 120V and 600W. You can calculate the charge time using the following formula: 256Wh* 0.85 / operating power of your device.

    Does it support pass-through charging?

    Yes, the Exodus 600 & Exodus 600 Plus supports pass-through charging without damaging the battery.


    Do you charge tax/shipping fee?

    We provide no tax charge and free shipping service in the continental United States. The prices on our website will deliver the product to your door

    Is the solar panel waterproof? Can I use an extension cable?

    We have waterproof treatment for solar panels, but I do not recommend you use them in the rain. Portable solar panels cannot be fully waterproofed like hard solar panels. Long-term exposure to rain may reduce cell efficiency. The length of the solar charging cable is 16ft long. We also provide the extensions on the website. Please note that the charging efficiency may be reduced due to the charging cable being prolonged. It might require more time to finish charging with extension cables.