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Power 1800 + 400W Solar Panels

Power for Off-grid Home & Outdoor

1800W | 1488Wh | 400W Solar

With 1488Wh capacity and 1800W AC inverter, OUPES 1800 is the perfect power backup for home & outdoors.

$1710 $2499.99


Choose your power

oupes 2400W power station series
oupes 1800W power station series
oupes 1200W power station series
oupes 600W power station series


oupes 2400W portable power station
oupes 2400W solar generator - 240W solar
oupes 2400W solar generator - 480W solar
oupes 2400W solar generator - 960W solar

oupes 1800 SERIES

oupes 1800W portable power station
oupes 1800W solar generator - 200W solar
oupes 1800W solar generator - 400W solar
oupes 1800W solar generator - 480W solar


oupes 1200W portable power station
oupes 1200W solar generator - 100W solar
oupes 1200W solar generator - 200W solar
oupes 1200W solar generator - 240W solar

oupes 600 SERIES

oupes 600W portable power station
oupes 600W solar generator - 100W solar

What Influencers Say?

youtube - hobotech

Oupes packs probably the most power per cubic inch of anything out there in the lithium iron phosphate markert. they magaged to shoehorn a 2232 Wh battery and a 2400w inverter into the same space that rivals can only fit 2000W.


youtube - alaska prepper

It's right up there with the Blue Eddy that I so much love. With OUPES you will get 2400 watts of continuous pure sine wave power that you're putting out. This is such a great solar generator and it's my new favorite I have to say.

Alaska Prepper

youtube - under the median

For these LiFePO4 batteries you can charge up to like 2500+ times and if you think about that's a period of over 10 years of usage. So this is something that's going to be around for a long time. It's a good investment.

under the median

I think it's an amazing unit for camping. You can bring it along to run higher appliances or get good run times and save hundreds of dollars over some of the name-brand units.

DIY Outdoor life

 This is the most affordable power station that boasts high specs and guaranteed performance. 

Shiva Sapkota


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2-year warranty

Warranty Protection

All power stations s are covered by 2-year warranty service.

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