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We're donating $20,000 to the OUPES HELP campaign during the National Preparedness Month, aiming to help more people in need.

Our Impactful Contributions

"Brenda and I want to thank the OUPES HELP for the 1800w power supply to run her medical equipment. It was a Blessing to get it just before the hurricane came up the west coast of Florida. The look on Brenda's face was hart wrenching, you could tell she had peace of mind now for the first time in a storm situation. We wreathed the storm pretty well being north of Clearwater but in Pasco County and only about a mile or two from the Gulf. So many got hit hard with much more damage do to the storm surge and high winds at times. We did have a few leaks in the roof that we now need to address but over all we feel Blessed in so many ways. Again thank you OUPES HELP and Bless you!"

- Doug & Brenda - Facebook

"The Oupes 1800 and solar panel arrived today, I am charging up the power station right now with the wall plug. The weather's been rainy here and maybe over the weekend, I'll try plugging in the solar outside if it clears up and charge it outside with the solar panels. Thank you very much again for helping me and my mom out this it's been a blessing. It's great there are great people and great companies out there to help people who are in need. Once I start using it I'll take some pictures and send them to you. Thanks again"


"Hello everyone. I will share a little of my story and how i became to get my oupes. When you live off grid away from a scary society in my opinion and medical issues become a serious problem , it becomes difficult to say the least . When your young or elderly or what ever the case may be . Financial becomes a real deep concern as we all battle the world of inflation and when medical issues become in to play it sometimes becomes a life or death situation and help is needed. Oupes was contacted and without hesitation was willing to help sent a solar generator to help ease the costs and to help keep medical and other items going . We received it late last week but as more medical came knocking were not able to use it till yesterday when arriving back . It came about 60 percent charged and did charge it to 100 percent . It kept running for about 6 hours what i needed to run and helped the situation. Today it was at 0 percent and have it charging now with one item plugged in . I think having two of these things could only benefit anyone in any situation as you just never know . But i also wanted to thank oupes for all their help , i believe as Americans we are all suffering in one way or another as we all try to stay afloat inflation and gas at 4.89 a gallon, if a company steps out to help anyone in need , we all need to support them become only better. Sometimes we support the big retailer and they are not there to help Americans when tragedy strikes . Oupes helped and out here trying to make a difference in all are lives."

- Angela Ashworth - Facebook