How to Make the Perfect Cup of Coffee With a Portable Solar Generator

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Did you know that roughly one billion people drink coffee a day? Coffee is a crucial part of much of the world's morning, but what if you can't power your coffee maker? Luckily, a solar generator kit can help you power your coffee maker easily! Read on for more information on solar power banks and using a solar coffee maker.

What Is a Solar Coffee Maker?

A solar coffee maker uses solar power to generate the necessary electricity to make coffee. There are several kinds of solar coffee makers that may fit different needs. Some solar coffee makers are single-serving makers that may only make a cup or two at a time. Others are capable of making an entire pot of coffee! The most common way to make coffee with solar power is to use a solar generator kit. A portable solar generator can become a power bank that powers multiple items.

For example, these solar generators are commonly brought on camping trips. A powerful solar generator can help power your whole campsite. Lights, chargers, coffee makers, and other gadgets work perfectly with these devices.

Using a Solar Generator Kit

But how do you use a solar generator kit? Thankfully, it's much easier than you may expect! A solar generator usually consists of a power station and solar panels. These panels capture solar energy and convert it into electricity. Afterward, the electricity is stored in the campsite. The solar generator creates a reliable, clean power source for emergency backup. However, this energy isn't only for a power outage!

For powering minor devices (particularly outdoors), solar generator kits are ideal. Your energy generation is as reliable as the sun, generating more than enough electricity for you to use. 

Lithium Portable Power Station

The easiest way to use solar power is with a portable power station. These stations are equipped with multiple outlets. The outlets typically include AC, DC, and USB charging ports. When your generator is no longer generating power, devices pull from this bank. How long your power bank lasts depends on how much electricity you're using and its capacity. 

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Solar Coffee Makers

What if you don't want to use a reliable solar generator kit? If you prefer to keep these away from your campsite or have reason to avoid them, there are still options! Solar coffee makers are made solely for the purpose of making coffee. There are several different models you can use. Here are the two main categories of solar coffee makers you can find.

By the Cup

One of the most common ways to find these solar coffee makers is as a French press.  Some of these use simple solar technology to draw in solar power to heat the cup. Others use built-in batteries that can hold a charge and turn on. These devices tend to take less electricity to run due to their size. Best of all, some can generate this electricity all by themselves without the need for an external power bank. A solar coffee maker that makes these single servings is best for individual use. Taking them on a solo hike or a trip for one is where they shine best, particularly in the outdoors.

By the Pot

There are many coffee pots that have solar generators instead. As a coffee maker doesn't require a great deal of electricity, they're easy to power with solar panels! However, the best way to make a pot of coffee with a solar panel is to use a power bank. These power banks can power any average coffee maker without difficulty. If your coffee maker isn't solar, you can still enjoy it outdoors. Simply hook it up to your portable solar generator and use the electricity it generates.

Portable Coffee Makers

Of course, not everyone wants to bring a full coffee pot with them. Instead, there are several different types of coffee makers. Portable Moka pots come with an electric hot plate inside. Rather than sitting on a stovetop, these coffee pots heat themselves up for a single serving of coffee or espresso. Drip coffee makers are also typically smaller, single-cup serving models. Similar to them are portable coffee percolators, which use an internal heating element to cause the coffee to percolate. Many prefer French Press coffee makers for their ease. Fill the reservoir with water and allow the internal heating element to heat the water. Once properly heated, pour in the coffee and press down for an easy, clean coffee experience.

Finally, electric kettles are also popular choices. Mostly used for pour-over or drip coffee, you can make coffee by heating water independently and pouring it through a filter. However, this adds a second item to the mix, making it easier to use a different all-in-one solar coffee maker.

Benefits of a Portable Solar Generator

The greatest benefit of a portable solar generator is its ease and convenience. If you're spending your time outdoors, laying out a portable solar panel is simple. You'll generate electricity to power any emergency devices, as well as convenience ones! The second greatest benefit is clean, reliable energy. A portable solar generator can hold power for as long as the sun is on it. Afterward, the power bank can keep your devices running!

Overall, it's a reliable, easy-to-use, clean energy source you'll be happy to have. Whether you're using your favorite solar coffee maker or powering the lights, you'll never regret having a solar generator.

Powering Up

Using a solar generator kit or an independent solar coffee maker is a great way to make a clean, easy cup of coffee. Whether you're making an entire pot of coffee or just one cup, your morning will be better with the sun powering it. For more information on solar generators, be sure to contact us!

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