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OUPES Portable Solar Panel 240W

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$599.99 - $599.99
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  • Long-lasting ETFE Coating
  • Compatible With Most Solar Generators
  • Monocrystalline Solar Cells With Up to 23.4% Efficiency
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    High Power Output

    Offers fast and reliable recharge to your emergency power supply system with an ultra-high power output at 480W with 2 panels. Keep your solar generators juiced as long as there is sunlight available.

    Built to Last

    The ETFE coating is designed to withstand any scratches and watersplash, perfect for camping, fishing, hiking and much more.(Prevent exposure to rain or no soak in water)

    Easy Setup With Kickstand

    Easy Setup With Kickstand

    The lightweight, foldable and portable design allows for easy set-up and transportation. With the adjustable kickstand, it takes 30-seconds or less to set up or take down for quick, worry-free access during an emergency.

    More Panels, More Power

    More Panels, More Power

    You can connect your 2400W Power Station with 2 or 4 solar panels. With 4 * 240W solar panels, you can fully recharge your power station with in 4 hours.

    OUPES 240W Solar Panel Specification
    OUPES 240W Solar Panel Specification