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OUPES HELP is OUPES' long-term charity initiative, to which we dedicate 5% of our sales to help any individual who is in dire need of emergency power.

At OUPES, we believe that a better tomorrow depends not only on a spirit of independence and positive optimism, but also on a community spirit of reciprocity and mutual support.

Whether it's financial hardship, medical treatment, or any activity related to helping and supporting each other, the OUPES HELP program is here to help. Share and join us on our journey, and let our love reach those in need.

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Behind OUPES Help

In the heat of a West Texas summer in 2021, Martin, the visionary CEO behind Oupes, found himself holding the results of a company-wide market research initiative. The study, meant to enhance the Oupes product line, inadvertently opened a window into the profound impact of their portable solar power stations on people's lives. One response, in particular, caught his eye: a family using an Oupes portable power station to keep their child's medical equipment running during frequent power outages.

Martin, deeply moved, knew that this was more than just feedback; it was a calling. He could have used this insight to simply improve product design, but he envisioned a greater opportunity — a chance to empower lives beyond the transactional customer-company relationship.

With the resolve of a man who had seen a path he could not turn away from, Martin pledged to convert a percentage of Oupes profits into a force for good. He began by redirecting 5% of all sales to aid those who found themselves reliant on power for more than just convenience but for survival. This commitment marked the genesis of "Oupes Help."

As the news of Martin's decision rippled through the company, the spirit of giving became infectious. The Oupes team was not just engineering products anymore; they were crafting beacons of hope. Their mission expanded to reach the elderly who needed power for life-giving devices, to the underprivileged who were left in the dark, and to communities where the absence of electricity meant the absence of opportunity.

"Oupes Help" quickly evolved from a simple act of charity to a robust public welfare program, harnessing the power of the sun to brighten lives while also offering financial support to those in dire need. Today, when you choose to become a part of the Oupes family, you're not just purchasing a product; you're contributing to a ripple effect of generosity and kindness. Each Oupes power station sold is a step toward a world where energy is not a luxury but a given — for everyone. With your support, "Oupes Help" will continue to thrive and grow, turning the warmth of the sun into a warm gesture of humanity. Together, we can make an indelible mark on the world, one watt at a time.



Fill out a questionnaire. The grantees will be selected from the applicants.


Answer a few quick questions about current situation and submit.


We will select applicants and provide assistance as needed.

Our Impactful Contributions

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Since August 2023, we are proud to have extended our support to more than 70+ households sparkling across 49 states in the US. This marks only the beginning of our journey, and together with each of you, we will ignite the world.

"I became aware of your program while watching the Pinball Preparedness youtube channel. He demonstrated your product and was very impressed. He also mentioned your help program and at that time my wife was not on oxygen. She became extremely ill a short time later and requires oxygen 24/7. It was then that I realized if we had grid problems it would be fatal to her. Pinball has repeatedly expressed his opinion of your product and he says it definitely is well-made and dependable. From the short time we have had the unit, we are very impressed. We have already told most of our prepper friends how impressed we are with it. A few of them took advantage of your sale. Thank you again. "

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- Joseph L

I found out about your company and the Oupes Help project through a YouTube channel called Pinball Preparedness. He always speaks very highly of both your products and your company. After I saw his video, I went to your website to learn more about the program and get registered to get product information and sales promotions.  I was amazed that there are companies like yours that go out of their way to help kids like ours. Even minor power outages are stressful for parents like us when our kids require electricity 24 hours a day to survive. Having a backup power source really takes a lot of anxiety and worry away. The application process was so easy and it felt good knowing I could give someone something that could save a life. 

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- Andrea N

We are a couple that worked together in an amazing self-owned business and retired in 2019, each year we donated Christmas gifts or trees to local schools for needy families, when we built our home and moved in it was supposed to be the easy ride of retirement but with the work of living the old ways, unfortunately, I've fallen ill with several issues and have spent what we had on medical issues and daily needs. When our battery bank began to fail we didn't know what we were going to do, we needed our phones to be charged for access to doctors and emergency services, to keep running water in our home, and to have food storage. OUPES provided us with food storage being taken care of, and for that, we are eternally grateful.
Thank you all so much.

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Ashley & Donna

I heard about you from a channel on YouTube, called pinball preparedness. You’ll never know how grateful I am for what you’ve done for me! With the world we live in today and the times which are so scary I strive to do what I can with your generator. At least I will have light and not be in the dark, which, as you know is a met is a major concern for me with my medical problems. I’m so thankful for you and your company and all the work that you do on behalf of us who can’t afford something this wonderful on our own. Your company is truly amazing. I tell everyone I know to check out your website. Thank you so much.

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Thank you so much for this, I am just ecstatic about the power station and solar panel. We got the power station and solar panel today and are so excited. I have charged it and tried a few things out on it! So far, the Oupes has worked for everything I have tried it with. I am so thankful it works well with the electric chair. I appreciate everyone at Oupes! Thank OUPES so much, it means a lot to us!

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Cathy and Eddie

A couple of emails and a few weeks later the unit and solar panel arrived. I read the manual and saw how easy it was to use and quickly charged it. We then tried it out with Alysa's medical devices, nebulizer, and CPAP, and it worked great and was super easy to use. Will be testing it out on other electronics soon. It's quiet and more powerful than I imagined. Once again thank you so much for choosing us to receive it. It gives us so much peace of mind knowing that during a power outage

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Rev.Douglas K

I have been telling all of my friends and families about OUPES products and how they can help them during power outages or camping. Again I want to thank OUPES and I appreciate what you all have done for me and my mom and helping other folks in need. It is a very excellent program and thank OUPES for having it to help us all out. Having it and having medical conditions is a big piece of mind lifted off of my shoulders.

Thank you again and have a blessed day!

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I live in a rural/remote area that frequently gets power outages and I was worried about freezing to death in the winter if that happened. Since I received my OUPES 1800, we have had a series of bad winter weather storms come through for days on end with 38 inches of snow and winds up to 70 mph. My electricity DID go out and I was able to use my generator to run my Toyo oil stove to keep warm. I cannot tell you how much fear having it has comforted me, knowing I will be ok. It is quiet, it is easy to use, and has multiple ways to charge it. I charged it with the electrical outlet and it has plugs for your car. It was packaged really well and came in perfect shape. Their instructions are very straightforward and they are so nice about questions. I absolutely recommend this to my family and friends!

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Debra F

I found your program on a prepper Channel called Pinball Preparedness. He is the one who told all his people if they needed any assistance in trying to get some power that they could not get their hands on, this program would help people out that doesn't have the income to afford to buy one. So I signed up for the program. I waited and now we were given a power station from this program. It will be very useful and helpful to help us be able to run our mini fridge and maybe some lights. I really appreciate and thank you all for your help. As you see in the picture I am very happy with the product. Thank you very much! I wish you all in these hard times many blessings.

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Author name

I found out about the OUPES products and HELP program from Pinball Preparedness and Alaska Prepper. Having a disability is challenging and being more prepared for unexpected emergencies allows me to face them with greater confidence. Having an OUPES solar power station gives me peace of mind knowing I will have the tools I need to see me through most emergencies. During a power outage I can power my mini refrigerator, a box fan and my electric blanket. I can keep my ham radio, CB radio and cell phone charged and know I can call for help if needed and have access to news and information.
Thank You OUPES

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Kimberly G

I wanted to tell you a little about this amazing company. They have worked with some YouTube content creators and had them review their products, one I follow is pinball preparedness. He is hard-core and won't recommend something if he doesn't believe in it. He recommended OUPES to reach out if you had medical needs. I reached out to their program as I have medication that I HAVE to keep cold. I worked with a wonderful person named Zoey. They helped me get this amazing generator to work with my mini fridge to keep life-saving medicine cold if we have a power outage. I have truly been gifted the gift of life by this amazing company.

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Tracey F

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How will the grantees be be selected?

We will review the questionnaire you submit to make an initial selection. Then, we will reach out to the candidates for further information and ultimately choose the grantees based on the gathered details.

How will I know if I am the grantee?

We will send every grantee an official offer via email

How many grantees will be selected?

We will select the grantees monthly based on the budget, which amounts to 5% of the previous month's sales revenue.

What will a grantee need to do in this project?

Fill out the questionnaire and we will reach out to you for additional information. Once selected as a grantee, we expect receiving feedback from you.

When will the Help application status be updated?

If you are on the candidate list, the person in charge will contact you proactively, please wait patiently and pay attention to the email.