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Refurbished Appliances

Verified Excellence | Big Saving | Warranty Assurance
Why Choose a Certified Refurbished Product?
Every OUPES Certified Refurbished product is meticulously refurbished and tested for full functionality. Enjoy your big save on each reconditioned unit.
Verified Excellence
Every Certified Refurbished unit is rigorously tested and evaluated to ensure it matches the high-quality standards of our brand-new OUPES products.
Big Saving
Enjoy significant savings of up to $1300 with refurbished units, bringing excellent OUPES products within your budget!
Warranty Assurance
OUPES offers refurbished units with the same warranty policy as our brand-new machines.
Go Green
Our refurbishment process aims to divert returned products from landfills, reducing electronic waste and demonstrating our commitment to green practices.

Refurbishment Process


Product Reclaimed


Sanitization and Inspection


Replacement and Refurbishment


Performance Assessment


Final Evaluations


Repackaged and Branded as Refurbished

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Mega 5 (Refurbished)
Certified Quality | Full Warranty
OUPES Mega 5 Home Backup & Portable Power Station | 4000W 5040Wh - OUPES
  • 4000W Rated Power (7000W Surge)
  • 6x4000W AC Ports
  • 5040Wh LiFePO4 Battery
  • Max 2100W Rapid Solar Charging
Mega 3 (Refurbished)
Certified Quality | Full Warranty
OUPES Mega 5 Home Backup & Portable Power Station | 4000W 5040Wh - OUPES
  • 3600W Rated Power (7000W Surge)
  • Adjustable Recharge (900W-1800W)
  • 3072Wh LiFePO4 Battery
  • Seamless UPS
Mega 2 (Refurbished)
Certified Quality | Full Warranty
  • 2500W Rated Power
  • Fast Recharge 3700W
  • 2048Wh LiFePO4 Battery
  • Seamless UPS


What is a refurbished OUPES product?

An OUPES refurbished product is a previously owned unit returned by customers. extensive testing and maintenance by OUPES engineers to ensure they meet high-quality standards.

How do we refurbish our units?

Each returned product at OUPES undergoes meticulous testing with our comprehensive inspection procedure. Our engineers carefully inspect the units, replace necessary parts, and perform a final review to ensure the product meets OUPES' standard of quality before resale.

How is a refurbished OUPES product packaged?

All cables and accessories are included with reconditioned units, though they may not always be packaged in the original boxes.

What about Cosmetic Imperfections?

You may notice minor cosmetic imperfections such as scratches or wear on refurbished items, but these do not affect functionality.

What's the warranty policy on the refurbished units?

Absolutely, the refurbished unit comes with the same warranty as the new machines.

Can I return the refurbished unit?

Please note that refurbished machines are non-returnable, except within 30 calendar days of purchase in cases of manufacturing faults affecting functionality (cosmetic or design issues are excluded).