Payment & Delivery Issue


Does OUPES product have EMP protection?

YES, Our product includes a filter comprised of electronic components. When the ground wire is connected to our machine, it can disperse and absorb the electromagnetic energy to the ground when encountering an electromagnetic pulse. The filter, consisting of electronic components, can effectively suppress the damage caused by electromagnetic pulses to electronic components.

Does OUPES's product support 240V?

No, currently OUPES products only support the 110V-120V. Let's look forward to future OUPES products that may have this feature.

Can I use third party solar panel?

Most of the solar panels on the market are compatible, but you need to check whether the specifications and plug are matched (Within 150V, and the connection port is Anderson), you also can feel free to contact us via email before connecting them.

Actually, we suggest customers connect the OUPES solar panel with the OUPES solar generator, as there is already a solution provided in the generator and also the third-party solar panel.

Different companies' solutions may conflict, causing charging not to be done as efficiently as desired although they are universal.

What types of battery does OUPES use?

LiFePO4 - The Battery is estimated to have over 80% of your original capacity after 3500 cycles, with a gradual reduction after that. (Note: this doesn't mean the battery only has a 3500 cycle life span. It means that up until 3500 cycles, the unit can perform at its best. However, due to battery degradation there will be a gradual decline in performance after 3500 cycles.)

It has 6 times of longer lifespan than ordinary lithium batteries. LiFePO4 battery is much safer, more stable and more eco-friendly with no heavy metal elements that are harmful to people.

How do I know if OUPES can power my device? How long?

OUPES's products can run any electrical devices that fall within the rated output power and are compatible with 120V. For example, OUPES Mega 5 has an output power of 4000W and a battery capacity of 5040Wh. The OUPES Mega 5 can run any device that requires less than 120V and 4000W. You can calculate the charge time using the following formula: 5040Wh* 0.85 / operating power of your device.

Does OUPES support pass-through charging?

Yes, all of the OUPES product supports pass-through charging without damaging the battery.

Is it waterproof? Is it fireproof?

OUPES product is not waterproof. Please make sure to shelter it from rain
The outer case of our products is made of fireproof material UL 94-V0

Do you charge tax/shipping fee?

We provide no tax charge and free shipping service in the continental United States. The prices on our website will deliver the product to your door

Is the solar panel waterproof? Can I use an extension cable?

We have waterproof treatment for solar panels, but I do not recommend you use them in the rain. Portable solar panels cannot be fully waterproofed like hard solar panels. Long-term exposure to rain may reduce cell efficiency. The length of the solar charging cable is 16ft long. We also provide the extensions on the website. Please note that the charging efficiency may be reduced due to the charging cable being prolonged. It might require more time to finish charging with extension cables.

What about your return policy?

the warranty of the power station is 36 months.
We provide a 30-day hassle-free return service.

If there are any dissatisfaction or quality problems, please feel free to contact our customer support team and we will provide a better solution for you.

Which type of product should I choose?

It primarily depends on how you intend to use our products. If you plan to use our products for outdoor camping, we recommend purchasing the 600 or 1200 models as they are lightweight and easy to carry. If you want to use our products for power outage prevention, first, we suggest estimating the total power consumption of all the electrical devices you need to keep running during a power outage, as well as the amount of electricity they would consume in 24 hours (in kWh). Finally, you can choose a product from our store that has a higher capacity and output power than those calculated values.

Where the product be shipped from?

The package will be shipped from California, Normally, it takes about 3-5 business days to arrive.

Can OUPES power station be connected to third-party solar panels?

Most of the solar panels on the market are compatible, but it need to check whether the specifications and plug are matched.
It is important to pay attention to whether the output power of the solar panel is lower than the input power of the device. Only when the output power of the solar panel is lower than the input power of the device, it can charge properly.

Will the solar panel work normally in winter?

Generally speaking, Solar Generators are not affected by wind and snow.But it is worth mentioning that the performance of Solar Generators may be affected by strong winds. If you use your Solar Generator during a heavy snowstorm or blizzard, then the snow can cover the panels and reduce their effectiveness.

The cell efficiency rating of our solar panels is over 20%, so it will continue to work in the winter.Of course it may get less power in the winter as there is less sunshine during the winter than in summer.

Its working temperature is 14 degrees Fahrenheit-158 degrees Fahrenheit.


How to keep this product when it is not used for a long time?

1. Maintain the battery at a charge level between 60% and 80% of its rated capacity. It is recommended to check and recharge the battery every 3 months to keep it within this range.
2. Store the battery in a dry and cool environment with a temperature range of 0 ℃ to 40 ℃ (32 ℉ to 104 ℉).
3. Ensure the storage area has a humidity level between 0% and 60%.
4. Avoid exposing the battery to corrosive substances, as they can damage the battery's integrity and performance.
5. Keep the battery away from fire hazards and heat sources to prevent potential damage or overheating.
By adhering to these guidelines, you can help preserve the battery's condition and extend its overall lifespan during extended periods of inactivity.

Error Code Fast checking?

E001 is the code of "Over Load Protection", please let us know the power of the device connected to the output port before. Press AC on/off button for recovery
E002 is the code of "Battery Low Voltage",please recharge the power station.
E003 is the code of "AC&DC output run simultaneously,system overload", please stop use the AC output port of the power station.
E004 is the code of "fault of the inverter".
E005 is the code of "BMS system fault"
If the code can't be cleared, please provide us with more information about this issue and we will check with the engineer and provide a better solution.

Why Lithium battery on the package? Not LiFePO4?

Academically speaking, Li-ion batteries include many kinds, and they are divided into many kinds of batteries according to electrode materials, including LiMn2O4, LiCoO2, LiFePO4, Ternary lithium, etc.

Under normal circumstances, we call LiCoO2 batteries and Ternary lithium batteries Li-ion batteries. Their lifespan is much shorter than LiFePO4.

When we make the package box, the customs requires us to mark the product on the packing box according to the product classification list they provided. Whether it is LiCoO2 battery or LiFePO4 battery, it is a lithium-ion battery in the product classification list of the customs.

You can check our product inner box packaging and the specification label on the bottom of the product. They are all printed to prove that we are using LiFePO4 batteries.

Accessories in the package lost/missing/damaged

We can provide a free replacement, please provide the order number and confirm the shipping address.

How to switching method between fast and slow charging?

Instruction for Fast Charging & Slow Charging Switching Function
Note: The product must be turned on, and the input and output ports must be cut off.
1. Simultaneously press the lOT button + the left DC button for 3~5seconds, the LCD screen flash and display 'SET', the product enter the input power switching interface, lightly press the lOT button to switch it, 'L'means slow charging (1000W input), 'H' means fast charge (1800W input);
2. After the switching is completed,press the POWER button for 3~5 seconds to confirm the setting: the LCD screen stop flashing and display 'SUC', which means the setting is successful;
3. Press the POWER button again for 3-5 seconds to exit the fast charging& slow charging switching function.

Why do solar panels charge so slowly?

Here are some ways to potentially speed up the charging of your solar panels

1.90 degree postion facing the sunlight
2.all the solar panel face to the sunlight towards the same direction
3.we recommend our customers to charge the OUPES generator with the OUPES solar panels.
It will achieve the maximum power input. obstruction, even a leaf may affect the charging efficiency
5.maybe the solar panel is aging so the working efficiency is low

The adapter is hot, will that be normal?

The adapter heats up because it is running at full power. Our adapters are UL and ETL certified to be safe.

It is normal that the battery temperature will be higher when AC charging, but it will not be over 150 ℉.

You can use it with confidence.

Payment & Delivery Issue

About payment failure

Since the purchase amount of our products is relatively large, some people will trigger bank review when purchasing the product. They say 3D authorization or the need to enter the verification code provided by the bank. Please be patient, usually it will be sent to you as a phone text message.

If you still can't complete the payment, try paying with PayPal, which also accepts credit card payments.

For more payment related questions, please refer to

Why can't my discount code be used?

Please let us know where did you get this code?
Please note that only 1 discount code can be used with the order. So if you got 2 codes, please split your products into 2 orders so you can apply them to your order.

Package not received

Please provide us with the order number/ email address, we will check the status of this order with logistic company soon and get back to you.
Is it possible to check this package with your neighboor? The fedex delivery man might delivered the package to the wrong house.

Package Damaged

Please check the machine following the user manual to see if the generator damaged.

If there any problems please let us know,we will help to solve.

We will improve the logistic service to reduce such incidents and also complaint to Fedex.

Upside down

The generator won't be damaged upside down, we pack the unit with the protective foam board and some other materials to make sure it is strong enough during the shipping.

But we suggest checking the package and the generator firstly, if there are any problems with the unit, please let us know.

Due to the sloppiness of Fedex, we print the side up sign on the carton.

We were just hoping that they can be careful with the package so it won't be damaged in the transit.

Why the package still in XXX/ why the tracking never update/?Why not ship the package to me/Why the shipment cancelled?

Please provide us with the order number or the email address when created the order. We will check with logistic company and get back to you soon.
The shipment cancelled becasuse there is some bug with the shipping account, so we changed to another logistic company.

The track is not updated

Please provide us with the order number or the tracking number. We will check with the logistic company soon and update you.
We usually use Fedex for delivery. Sometimes we use USPS or Amazon logistic.