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Solar Panel

Works just as it is supposed to

Works just as it is supposed to. Long lasting battery with the items I utilized to test it. Solar panel functioned as intended while sitting in the sun. Was an off and on cloudy day so took a bit of time to recharge for the amount of time I tested the solar panel's ability.

-Marie S.

Best Bang for the Buck

I’ve bought Jackery and Bluetti power stations and they are fine products with good customer support, but the Oupes has given me the best bang for the buck as well as excellent customer service.

-Dowie Vanderwerff

Thanks to OUPES

During two recent power outages we used our two 2400w Oupes to power our refrigerator, freezer, and TV. We used our 600w Oupes to power my wife's CPAP.

-Paul Fielding

Quality, Value and Service!

My order shipped out quickly and arrived within 4 days. A quality product at a fair price with excellent customer service.

-Laponda P

Can never have too many.

I already have a solar generator, and it works fine, and I live in a rural area. I heard about this one on Alaska Prepper and decided to try.. can't have too many. I have already used it and it did what it was supposed to do. Thanks much.


Super, worth the money

The power station arrived fast and in perfect condition, it works as expected, so yes I would recommend/buy again

-Capri Cheese.com
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