Enjoy Longer Weekend Outdoors With Portable Solar Panels

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Analysts expect the portable generator market to surpass $2 billion by 2028. Interestingly, many consumers have turned to portable solar panels for power instead of gas. Solar energy is a great way to have eco-friendly electricity while enjoying the outdoors longer. Portable panels are very beneficial whether you're into camping or simply lounging in the backyard all weekend.

The following guide will explore how portable solar panels work and their many advantages. Read on to discover all the ways you can enhance your outdoor activities by going with solar power. 

What Are Portable Solar Panels?

Portable solar panels aren't fixed in place like the kinds you might find on a roof. Instead of being locked under glass inside a stiff frame, portable panels typically use a mesh or plastic sleeve. Some of these small and affordable panels can create well over 300 watts. That means they produce about the same amount of energy as standard rooftop panels.

When sunlight hits a portable solar panel, it absorbs the energy by using its PV cells. The energy produces charges of electricity that shift in response to an electric field inside the cell. The overall process causes electricity to flow. Portable panels pair with a portable power station that acts as a rechargeable battery-powered storage system. These battery systems give users the convenience of multiple outputs such as AC, DC, carports, and USB outlets.

Benefits of Portable Solar Panels

Both portable solar panels and power stations are lightweight and easy to pack and carry. Their compact size makes them great for activities like hiking on trails and taking long road trips. Portable solar panels even come in handy as a source of backup power when you're not on the go. If you're at home and experience a power outage, portable panels allow you to still use electricity.

Using portable solar panels ensures that you have sustainable energy no matter where you are. You don't have to stress about batteries dying or running out of fuel because all you need is the sun for a full recharge. Once you've purchased your panels and power station, it's free energy from there on out. The money you save on alternative fuels and power sources makes them a very smart investment.

Solar Panels Compared to Gas Generators

It's completely safe to use a portable solar power system indoors and around children and pets. The same can't be said for gas generators because of their fumes, which greatly limits their versatility. Portable solar panels and stations require little to no maintenance, unlike gas generators. So, you don't have to worry about wasting time and money on repairs and replacement parts.

Gas generators are very loud and distracting when running. Solar panels and stations work almost silently to give you peace of mind and let you enjoy nature. Gas is expensive, and so is using it to run a generator. Solar power is not only much cheaper, but it's also better for the environment.

Practical Uses

If you own an RV, portable solar panels can save you a lot of hassle. For example, you can park in the shade on a hot day while your portable panels sit out in the sun. The same wouldn't be possible with panels mounted to the RV itself. Portable panels work great for boating and sailing because they don't have any moving parts. They give you the ability to power your devices while on the water no matter how far you are from shore. You can use a portable solar system to easily set up a remote workstation where there aren't other forms of power. For example, you could power drills and saws for remote construction projects.

If you're into outdoor media projects like photography or videography, having reliable power is a must. You can keep your cameras running and live feeds streaming without ever running out of power. Have you considered running a food truck or becoming a street vendor? Portable solar panels can easily power cash registers and essential cooking equipment.

Transform any campsite by adding portable solar power to the mix. You could do things like add lighting to your site or keep the music playing all night while you sit around the campfire with friends. Use portable panels at home to power a projector and turn your backyard into a movie theater. You could also use solar power for heaters so that you can stay outdoors longer, even during cold months. You can also your portable panels for sheds and workshops that don't have access to electricity. Add fans, heaters, lighting, and small appliances to buildings that usually couldn't power them.

Power Requirements

To get an idea of what type of panels you need, ask yourself which devices you plan to power. For example, a 200W solar panel can charge a power station to run many small appliances. Small appliances include things like coffee makers, LED lights, and laptops. It's also enough to power LCD TVs, radios, and microwaves.

You might want multiple panels to safely power something like an entire RV. It really depends on what appliances you want to use while RVing. If you plan to run the air conditioning all day, you'll need around 1,800 watts of panels. No matter what you choose to use your panels for, make sure to evaluate how much power you'll need before making a purchase.

Staying Outdoors Longer With Solar Power

Now you know how portable solar panels work and several fun ways to use them. So, buy some panels and plan an extra day for that camping trip, add extra miles to that day hike, and hang out in the backyard longer! 

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