Integrate OUPES Solar Panels into Your Green Life

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Car camping, backpacking, and backcountry survival gear to help you enjoy the great outdoors. We are solar panel experts! Now more and more advocate green life and saving energy, then solar energy is an unavoidable topic. Having the right solar panels can significantly reduce your monthly electricity costs and reliance on the grid, and the resulting energy independence can protect you from rising electricity bills and fuel prices. According to the analysis and forecast, the efficiency of photovoltaic power generation will continue to improve, which makes solar energy still a high-yield solution and long-term investment in the future. You may feel that solar panels are too expensive to buy, or you may feel that the installation is not suitable for use. Many questions are circling in your mind, so how to choose a suitable solar panel to practice our green life? With so many options on the market, how do I find the best one for me? You may feel that solar panels are too expensive to buy, or you may feel that installation is too expensive to use. Oupes is here to introduce two styles of solar panels, one is 100w and the other is 240w, to meet your needs as much as possible!

OUPES solar kit for outdoor use

Adapt To Your Lifestyle Anytime, Anywhere

Are you looking for a solar panel that you can use on your roof or when camping outdoors?

The future of camping is here! You no longer need to be tied to the sun or battery life. With these portable solar panels, you can adapt to your lifestyle anytime, anywhere. Camping solar panels are the most useful and convenient tool for camping trips. They make your travel hassle-free.

You can easily install solar panels anywhere you want, even in unknown places, without any hassle. You don't have to worry about finding an outlet or wall outlet to charge your devices because these small but powerful tools will help you charge all your gadgets at once.

After all, electricity isn't a luxury, it's a necessity when you're in the wilderness far from civilization. You need it to charge your phone, camera, and any other electronic devices.

OUPES solar kit for camping

There are two types of solar panels compatible with your device for you to choose from:

Classic Old Oupes Solar Panel (100w)

l High conversion efficiency solar panel, up to 20% high conversion efficiency, with OUPES 600W or 1100W to get your solar generator kit. Perfect for outdoor adventures or emergency backup for power outages.

l Durable and spray resistant: the laminated solar cells provide weather-resistant outdoor durability and a longer lifespan.

l Storage and protection of cables and ports in storage bags

l Shockproof and dustproof

The solar panel has an IP65 waterproof rating to prevent splashing water.

Excellent portability

l Foldable design for easy portability

l Small and lightweight

l Adjustable stand for easy installation or angle adjustment

Lightweight and Durable Solar Panel with Stand: Foldable design and weighs only 8.6 lbs. Use the built-in stand to adjust the angle.

Portable OUPES Solar Kit

Upgrade to new version of Oupes solar panel (240w)

l High power output

Provides ultra-high power output of 480W through 2 panels for fast and reliable charging of your emergency power system. Keep your solar generator alive as long as there is sunlight.

l Durable

The ETFE coating is designed to withstand any scratches and splashes, perfect for camping, fishing, hiking, and more. (prevent exposure to rain or not immersion in water)

l Easy setup with stand

The lightweight, foldable and portable design is easy to install and transport. With the adjustable stand, it can be set up or removed in 30 seconds or less in an emergency for quick, hassle-free use.

l More panels, more power

You can connect the 240W power station with 2 or 4 solar panels. With a 4*240W solar panel, you can fully charge your power station within 4 hours.

OUPES 240w solar panel

Be ready for anything

These two solar panel kits from Oupes greatly solve your electricity needs while camping, ready to accompany you to enjoy a wonderful camping time.

l Some inspections and maintenance of solar panels:

Want to use Oupes solar panels longer and incorporate them into your green life? The following inspection and maintenance methods hope to help you:

1. Check whether the battery board is damaged. It must be discovered and replaced in time.

2. Check whether the connection wire of the battery board and the ground wire are in good contact or not.

3. Check whether there is any heat phenomenon at the wiring of the combiner box.

4. Check whether the battery board bracket is loose or broken.

5. Check and clean up the weeds around the panel that covers the panel.

6. Check whether there is any cover on the surface of the battery board.

7. Check the bird droppings on the surface of the battery panel and clean them up if necessary.

8. Identify the cleanliness of the battery board.

9. In windy weather, key inspections of battery panels and brackets should be carried out.

10. On heavy snow days, the battery panel should be cleaned in time to avoid snow and ice on the surface of the battery panel.

11. In heavy rain, check whether all waterproof seals are in good condition and whether there is water leakage.

12. Check whether animals enter the power station to damage the battery panels.

13. In hail weather, the surface of the panel should be checked.

14. Detect the temperature of the battery panel and compare it with the ambient temperature for analysis.

15. The problems detected should be dealt with, analyzed, and summarized promptly.

OUPES 240w solar panel

Environmental friendly

Environmental protection, the full name of environmental protection, refers to the general term for various actions taken by human beings to solve actual or potential environmental problems, coordinate the relationship between human beings and the environment, and ensure the sustainable development of the economy and society.

Solar panels are an increasingly popular source of energy, as they're environmentally friendly, don't require much maintenance, and are relatively inexpensive. Solar power is also a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and energy costs. 

How To Choose A Solar Panel Kit?

If you're considering installing a solar panel system for your home or business, be sure to choose the size that fits your needs. Choosing the wrong size can lead to wasted money and a bad experience. Here are some tips to help you make the right choice:

Determine your needs - First, you need to know what kind of power supply you need. Do you need extra electricity during the hot summer when everyone is using air conditioners? Or do you just want to run one device? These are the questions you need to answer before buying a solar panel kit.

Consider your space - the available space at your location will determine what size solar panel kit you should buy. If your home or commercial property doesn't have enough space, it doesn't matter how big the panels are or how many watts they produce, because they don't have a place!

Another thing to consider is how the components are wired together. Some kits already include cables, while others don't include any cables at all. If you can't connect the panels without them (if they didn't come pre-connected), you may want to consider purchasing an extra set of cables.

OUPES 240w solar panel


As an environmentally friendly resource, solar energy has been respected by many people and has increasingly become a way of power supply for everyone to travel or camp. Think about it, after absorbing solar energy, a single panel can supply your electricity needs for a whole day or more! High conversion rate, easy to carry, light and durable solar panel, go out to charge and enjoy outdoor life. After reading this article about Oupes solar panels, I hope it helps!

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