Why Every RV Vlogger Should Equip Themselves with a Portable Solar Generator

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Did you know that more than 44% of internet users watch vlogs monthly? If you're an RV vlogger looking to connect with your audience, you need the best portable solar generator to ensure you're never without filming equipment.

But what's the best small solar power system for van life? When living in an RV, you need something compact but powerful enough to charge items such as phones, laptops, and other small devices.

So if you're off the grid and living in an RV, this article is for you. Keep reading to learn why you need a solar generator to keep you vlogging through every adventure.

What Is a Solar Generator?

Solar generators harness the sun's energy to provide you with unlimited, free solar power.

They rely on special systems that convert the sun's energy into electricity using integrated solar panels. From here, the solar energy is transported into an internal storage system. This is usually made of lithium-ion technology.

Solar generators provide consistent energy over an extended period of time, and all you need is the sun's power. These generators consist of a solar panel (or panels), a charge controller, an inverter, and a battery system. This system converts solar energy into an electrical current you can use to power small devices and appliances.

Easy Setup

If you're enjoying van life in the US, then you're probably on the road, visiting any of the 423 National Parks, or enjoying some breathtaking views from coast to coast. This is why you need a solar generator.

They provide an easy setup and are a simple plug-and-play device. There's no need to construct an elaborate electrical system as you create your van.

All you need to do is purchase the best solar generator for your needs and you're ready to vlog as you explore all the country has to offer.

Low Maintenance

As you enjoy all that van life has to offer, you don't want to worry about equipment that requires a lot of maintenance, especially if you're off the grid. Once you install your solar generator's necessary equipment, you're done with what you'd need to spend. If you install the accompanying solar panels in your vehicle, you won't need to move them.

Even better, solar generators are completely quiet, unlike their gas-powered counterparts.


Portability is key when vlogging from a van. You need the ability to take your portable solar generator everywhere you go. It's also difficult to drive a van that's bogged down with heavy, bulky equipment.

However, solar panels and solar generators feature lightweight components and take up minimal space. Their portability allows you to install solar panels on your van's roof!

Freedom to Travel

Van life is all about the freedom to travel without being tethered to a power grid. That's what makes solar generators such an excellent component of any van life vlogger's setup. No matter where you are, you can rely on your solar generator for unlimited, green power.

Simply set up your solar panels wherever you go. If you venture away from your van for a camping excursion, you can even bring your solar panels with you along with your camping gear.

Eco Friendly

Solar energy relies on the sun, making them an environmentally friendly power source. Since gas-powered generators contribute to air and noise pollution, solar power generators are the best choice. Gas generators also run the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Additionally, some National Parks have rules and regulations regarding the type of generator you can run, and when. Their rules focus on how noisy generators are, making a solar generator ideal for your vlogging excursions.

Cost Efficient

While you enjoy vlogging and van life, you'll need to focus on expenses and ways to reduce costs. Since solar generators convert sunlight into electricity, you'll have an extremely reliable energy source without the hefty price tag of fueling a gas generator (or the inconvenience and need to visit rest areas for gasoline). You can even utilize solar power for refrigeration and lighting while in your van.

Although the initial price tag might seem expensive, you'll save money in the long run when compared to alternative power sources. Simply pay for the initial parts to install your solar generators, such as the conductors, solar panels, batteries, and charge controller power inverter, and you have unlimited, free solar energy for as long as you maintain your system.

No Smell or Fumes

Solar generators don't emit any toxic smells or fumes, unlike gas generators. Not only is this better for you and the environment, but it's better for your neighbors should you park at a campsite. And if you're among the 51% of people who live full-time in their vans, enjoying the benefits of RV life, then you want the best solar generator available.

You'll enjoy unlimited, free solar energy without the smell or noise commonly associated with generators.

Purchase a Portable Solar Generator Today

Now that you know why you need a portable solar generator, you can purchase the best one for your vlogging needs. As you embark upon your van life journey, you'll need easy, affordable, and green ways to power your devices, and a solar generator is an excellent choice. You'll also reduce your carbon footprint since they're environmentally friendly.

For the best solar generators around, OUPES has you covered. Check out our portable power systems and accessories today! You can also contact us with any questions; our knowledgeable representatives are always happy to help with all your generator options.

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