3. What is Parallel and Series Connection?

3. What is Parallel and Series Connection?

What is Parallel and Series Connection?

Parallel Connection

Parallel Connection means connecting all the positives to one wire and all the negatives to another wire, like widening a river - more can flow at once without changing pressure.

In a parallel connection, the voltage or the pressure of electricity will not change, but the amps will beef up.

  • If you parallel connect all of these 3 solar panels and each one produces 5 amps, you will get 15 amps.
  • It shows in parallel connection, the amps will go up and the voltage stays the same as 20V.

Series Connection

Series Connection means you connect the positive of one to the negative of the one next to it, like making a string or a daisy chain of these panels end to end - the river gets longer with the same flow.

In a series connection, the voltage will rise but the amps will stay the same.

  • Let's say we still have those same 3 solar panels and they all produce 5 amps. Instead of producing 15 amps with a parallel connection, they will still only produce 5 amps with a series connection, but the voltage will go up.
  • All together when series connected, they will produce 60 volts instead.

So you can change the voltage and the amp rating of certain components including batteries and solar panels by connecting them in various ways.

Take a look at this 12-volt battery, it has 200 amp-hours, that means that it can produce 200 amps for 1 hour at 12 volts.

Here's another battery that shows 6 volts and 225 amp-hours. Again, that means that it can produce 225 amps for 1 hour at 6 volts.

The amp-hour rating only applies to that stated voltage, but you have some flexibility to change the voltage and current levels. By using different wiring configurations between components.

This brings us to parallel and series connection systems. By joining up batteries, solar panels or other electronics in specific ways, you can manipulate how the voltage and amps are distributed.


In summary, parallel connection combines components for increased current, while series connection increases voltage.

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