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OUPES Mega 3 Home Backup & Portable Power Station | 3600W 3072Wh

Mega 3
Mega 3 + 240W Solar Panel*2
Mega 3 + 240W Solar Panel*4
Mega 3 + 240W Solar Panel*6
Mega 3 + B2 Battery
B2 Battery
240W Solar Panel
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  • 3072Wh Capacity | 3600W AC Pure Sine Wave Inverter (7000W Surge)
  • Fully recharge in 1 hour with 3900W Max. Input (AC+solar)
  • Expandable Up to 15.36kWh with B2 * 6
  • Seamless UPS Backup (2200W Max)
  • Adjustable Recharge (900W-1800W AC input)
  • LiFePO4 Battery with 3,500+ Life Cycles to 80%
  • 16 Outputs For Multiple Devices
  • Smart Control & Monitor in OUPES App

  • Expansion Battery

    Achieve Genuine Energy Independence

    Capture and store solar energy. Mega3&B2 Energy Storage System supports capacity expansion to 15.36kWh by connecting B2 battery * 6. ensures uninterrupted appliance performance, offsets peak costs, prepares for outages.

    Ultra-high Output Power

    Power Almost for Everything

    With an impressive power output of 3600W and a whopping capacity of 3072Wh, the OUPES Mega3 is designed to support the continuous operation of 99% of electrical appliances. Say goodbye to power interruptions and hello to uninterrupted productivity.

    Fast AC and Solar Charging

    Max 3900W Multi-Channel Input

    Featuring OUPES' cutting-edge Multi-Charging Tech, the Mega3 delivers unprecedented charging speeds up to 3900W, recharge from 0% to 100% in 1 Hour.

    The Ultimate Electricity Cost-Saver

    Preferred Choice for Energy Revolution!

    Harness the power of the sun with OUPES Mega 3 and solar panels, maximizing your free energy source. Power your appliances day and night, reducing electricity bills and embracing a greener future. Generate clean energy, save money, and join the renewable energy revolution today!

    Leading BMS System

    Protect Your Devices From Damage

    The BMS battery management system has over-voltage protection, over-current protection, and over-heat protection. It adjusts the charging voltage and speed to suit your device's needs.

    Pure Sine Wave

    100% Security Guarantee

    Experience worry-free operation of your sensitive devices, as pure sine wave power delivers clean energy without the risk of damage or malfunctions.

    Smart APP

    Monitor & Control

    No need to get up from your comfy sofa - you can operate the Mega 3 at your fingertips.. On OUPES App, you can view and control your power station status, such as real-time input & output, port status, and more. Unique settings help craft your own Mega 3 as you like.

    3-Year Warranty

    Hassle-Free Service

    Experience peace of mind with our industry-leading 3-year warranty. We stand behind the durability and reliability of our products, and we're confident that they will exceed your expectations.

    Integration with Home Circuits

    Build up your home backup system to keep your essentials circuits running when a blackout hits. Ensure peace of mind with the easily integrated whole-home backup kit: OUPES Mega 3, Pro/Tran 2® Transfer Switch Kit, and  NEMA TT-30P to L14-30R Cord.

    *Note1: Please purchase the transfer switch online, it hasn't launched on OUPES yet, let's expect them in the future!
    *Note2: The Transfer Switch installation must be performed by a qualified electrician under the guidance of the installation and operating instructions in compliance with all applicable electrical codes. Only viable with indoor circuit breaker panels.For questions regarding installation or the Transfer Switch, contact Reliance Controls Customer Service Team Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm CT at 1-800-634-6155.
    *Note3: installation tutorial

    All-in-One Power Solution

    Meets Your Every Need

    Up to 16 output ports for every need. Simply plug in what you want to charge and press the button, limitless power is available to you. The color LCD screen displays the status of the plant, including the fault code, power remaining, port status, etc

    Download OUPES App

    On OUPES App, you can view and control your power station status, such as real-time input & output, port status, and more. Unique settings help craft your own Mega 3 as you like.


    How to keep this product when it is not used for a long time?

    1. Maintain the battery at a charge level between 60% and 80% of its rated capacity. It is recommended to check and recharge the battery every 3 months to keep it within this range.
    2. Store the battery in a dry and cool environment with a temperature range of 0 ℃ to 40 ℃ (32 ℉ to 104 ℉).
    3. Ensure the storage area has a humidity level between 0% and 60%.
    4. Avoid exposing the battery to corrosive substances, as they can damage the battery's integrity and performance.
    5. Keep the battery away from fire hazards and heat sources to prevent potential damage or overheating.
    By adhering to these guidelines, you can help preserve the battery's condition and extend its overall lifespan during extended periods of inactivity.

    How long will the early bird sale last?

    The early bird sale will start from 9/25 - 10/09. Once the sale is over, these discounted rates will no longer be available.

    Can I use third party solar panel?

    Most of the solar panels on the market are compatible, but it need to check whether the specifications and plug are matched, you can feel free to contact us via email before connecting them.
    Actually, we suggest customers to connect OUPES solar panel with OUPES solar generator.
    There is already a solution provided in the generator and also the third party solar panel.
    Different companies' solutions may conflict, causing charging not to be done as efficiently as desired although they are universal.

    What types of battery does OUPES use?

    OUPES uses LiFePO4 battery, LiFePO4 battery is eco-friendly and more stable, the safest battery on the market with no heavy metal elements that are harmful to people.

    Are all OUPES Portable Power Stations come with pure-sine wave inverter?

    Yes, all Oupes portable power stations use Pure-sine wave inverters.

    How to know if OUPES Portable Power Station can charge my devices and how long does it support?

    Firstly, please evaluate the devices that need to be charged. As long as the working voltage and power are within the working power of the power station, then it can be powered by the power station. If you are not sure of this, please feel free to contact us:

    Can the Mega3 power supply be used with a 200W AC adapter?

    The Mega3 outdoor power supply is designed for direct charging from the mains power, cannot be used with a 200W AC adapter.

    Can I use a third party expanded battery?

    No, the Mega 3 can't be expanded with third party battery. Please choose B2 expanded battery with it.


    USD $2,099
    USD $2,099