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Winners please contact with your shipping info within 5 days to claim your prize.

Thanks so much for your participation, and a big thank you to all the fathers who make every day extraordinary.

[Ended]As Father’s Day approaches, it’s time to honor the unsung heroes in our lives—our super dads! Join our celebration by sharing your heartwarming or funny moments with Dad. Winners will receive prizes, including $1,000 in cash! 💵✨

📌 How to Join the Fun

Step 1:

Click "sign in", once logged in you will see the Upload Pictures icon, feel free to fill us in the story behind the picture.

Step 2:

Upload your pictures by clicking the Picture icon at the middle of this page, then click “Create post” and you are all set.

Step 3:

Bookmark this event page and stay updated on the performance of your posts!

Duration: June 7 - June 16, winners will be announced on this event page on June 16.

🌟Here are some Dad Moments ideas for you:

1, Dad to the Rescue:

Capture your Super Dad in action, whether he's fixing something around the house, saving the day with a dad joke, or just being his amazing self! 🛠️😄

2, Heartfelt Memories:

Share those funny, interesting, or touching moments between dads and kids (or even pets) of any age. 🥰🐶

3, Secret Messages:

Ever had something you wanted to tell your Dad but felt too nervous to say in person? Now’s your chance! Text him how much you appreciate him and post your heartfelt message. 💌

4, Dad’s Sidekick Adventures:

Show us the fun times between dads and their sidekicks (kids, pets, or anyone else they team up with) that tell a funny story. 🦸‍♂🦸‍♀️

5, Dad and OUPES Moments

Show us the special bond between your Super Dad and the OUPES Power Station. Whether it’s during outdoor adventures, camping trips, or powering up family gatherings, let your images show how the OUPES Power Station makes those moments better. 🏕🔋

6, Father capturing baby's first smile 👶😊

🎁 Exciting Prizes to Win!

1, Grand Prize:

$1,000 in cash for the post with the most likes. 💵

2, Runner-Up Prizes:

One OUPES Exodus 600 for the second and third most liked posts. 📷

3, Lucky Draw:

Five randomly selected posts that meet our requirements will receive an OUPES Multi-functional Flashlight each. 🎉

* Awards will be based on the performance of your post.

* Open to  US residents only.

❤️ Let's make this Father's Day unforgettable by celebrating the super dads who make our lives special! 

To avoid any heartbreaks, please read the above fully.