Off-Grid With Power: Can I Live 100% Off-Grid?

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Did you know that more than 250,000 people live off-grid in the United States?   Living an off-grid lifestyle might have been difficult to achieve in the past, but today you can easily hit the road with a solar generator system like the OUPES solar power station and a camping set. But is it really that simple to live 100% off-grid? Yes, it certainly can be, but this will depend on how self-sufficient you want to be.

Previously, this would have meant living in remote locations far from civilization. But that's no longer the case—you can go remote but still have access to everyday essentials like grocery shopping or the internet. This might seem hard to believe, especially when we rely so much on power for our day-to-day activities. But with the right equipment, off-grid living is accessible to anyone. Read on to find out precisely what living off-grid is and how you can do it.

What Does It Mean to Live Off-Grid?

At its most basic, living off-grid means being completely self-sufficient, where you no longer need to rely on public utilities like power, water, and sewage. People that choose to take this even further also grow their own food, hunt, and live entirely free from technology. But for most Americans, this is an unrealistic way of living.

There are many forms of living off-grid. You can build a self-sufficient home in a remote location or set up a temporary structure like a tent or a tipi - both are considered off-grid living. The most recent van life trend is another nomadic lifestyle that has allowed many people to switch to remote living on a budget.

Off-grid with OUPES solar power station

A Solar Generator System for Living Off-Grid

One of the most appealing aspects of off-grid living is no longer relying on public sources for power. With the rising cost of fuel and an increasing reliance on the grid, having the option to free yourself from it all is almost a luxury.

This is where basics such as a solar off-grid power source are the key to sustaining a remote lifestyle.

A portable solar generator kit is essential for the modern city dweller planning to go remote. To create your own off-grid power system, you will need solar panels and a solar generator to store and convert the energy into power.

Some of the most popular types of solar power systems include the OUPES solar power station, Honda generators, and Ecoflow generators.

Off-grid with OUPES solar power station

Other Essentials

How far away you live from the nearest town or city will directly impact the type of supplies you will need. And having access to clean water will be top of the list if you intend to live in a more remote area. This is not a problem if you live within an hour's driving distance from the nearest town. But for those who want to build a home in the wilderness, having access to water will be vital for survival. This can be done by creating your own well or having a system that can help collect rainwater.

You will also need to consider waste disposal as there won't be any access to them once you go off-grid. Again, how far you live from the nearest city can affect how this is managed. 

There's nothing wrong with making the odd trip into town to drop off waste. But if you don't have that choice, you may need to consider investing in a compostable toilet—these can also be portable if you plan to move around. Do you want to grow your own food? Then having enough fertile land to raise farm animals and plant crops is another factor to consider.

Is It Expensive?

As mentioned earlier, there are many types of remote living, ranging from the most basic setups to a house complete with a small farm. For example, you can easily get a solar generator system for an RV that's under $1000. This does depend on your usage though and will cost more if you want to live off-grid permanently.

The initial cost of setting up your own solar power system for larger homes will be a lot more expensive but worthwhile in the long run. You can expect to invest around $20,000 for a solar system that will give your home enough power. This will depend on the size of your house, though, and the amount of energy you use.

Can You Go Off-Grid in the City?

It's challenging but not impossible to go off-grid in a city. Legal requirements for each state will differ and will most likely dictate what types of modifications you can make to your property. Even if it's just the power supply you want to focus on, some areas may have rules for solar panel installation to prevent disrupting the neighborhood aesthetics.

But generally, installing solar panels in most places is quite common. This option is entirely doable if going off-grid means taking back control of your energy supply. It does get trickier, though, when you start looking into options like building your own system to collect rainwater or developing a private waste disposal facility on your plot of land. You will have to navigate many laws before attempting to make any of these changes. Also, be aware that properties such as apartments and condominiums are close to impossible to take off-grid.

Off-grid with OUPES solar power station

Is Living Off-Grid For You?

Living off-grid may have been difficult in the past, especially for those looking to transition without giving up on technology. But having a powerful solar generator system like the OUPES solar power station changes that, making it much easier to free yourself and live independently.

Are you looking for a reliable power source for your first off-grid living experience? Then go ahead and check out our range of robust solar generator systems that are both portable and long-lasting. Or contact one of our experts, who are always on hand to help you choose the best system that will work for you.

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