What Size Backup Generator Do I Need to Power My Home?

What Size Backup Generator Do I Need to Power My Home?

You know what's more frustrating than a blackout? It's wasting money on the wrong-sized power generator. 

The accurate solar generator size not only offers an efficient and reliable solution but also reduces environmental impact with sustainable green energy.

Choosing the right size is as important as getting a power generator.

However, if you are stuck trying to decide what size of power generator is suitable to power your home, then this piece is tailored for you. Worry not! 

In this article, we have laid down how you can figure out the right power generator size for your needs.

Why size matters

When the storm clouds roll in, you want backup power you can rely on. The mistake people often make is that they think that the size of the power generator doesn't matter. Well, here's why getting the right size of power generator for your home means everything.

When you undersize

Using a generator below your unit leads to capacity frustration whenever you run multiple 

essential devices and appliances simultaneously. 

The limited energy reservoir drains rapidly, leaving you powerless again soon, even if you don’t think you are operating much. 

When you oversize

Swinging too big with an overpowered generator that produces more electricity than your household requires is not cost-effective.

The key comes down to seeing generator size as an investment that suits your family's actual power usage needs. 

One way to save cost and measure smart spending is to take stock of the appliances and devices you need access to during a potential multi-day outage.

Meanwhile, backup energy matters more for preserving food, communications, and medical devices. You’d rather spend on this than waste capacity on keeping the hot tub swirling or AC running through a summer blackout. 

How to measure your power consumption

1. Size up your power consumption

The first step you need to take is to take an inventory of the power consumption of your appliances. 

Knowing your home's energy needs is crucial for proper backup power sizing. An accurate tally of used wattages prevents incorrect solar generator capacity. Take a full inventory to calculate your necessary runtime electricity loads.

Creating this list ensures you count every necessary watt. Note lights, outlets, kitchen items like refrigerators and freezers, laundry, entertainment and work electronics, medical devices, and others you use daily. Don't forget your security systems and smart home tech gadgets if you have those.  

Taking inventory is also valuable if you are looking for a backup solar power generator for your RV or camping needs.

Do you know why this is vital? It helps you get the power generator that supports all your appliances and gadgets.

Each listed electrical item contributes to your overall home electricity requirements.

Summing the typical usage wattages with expected runtime durations will give you a clear picture of the power generator size your home needs. 

An important point to note while taking inventory is that starting up devices requires an initial surge of 2-3x their running watt needs. After this happens, the power usage lowers to its steady state. 

Once you've summed up the wattage and factored in the start-up power your appliances need, you'll get your minimum generator capacity. Still, experts recommend building in a buffer of 10-25% extra potential wattage needs. Consider getting this Mega 5 Solar Generator, which can power 95% of your appliances.

2. Take your solar collection footprint into account

It's worth noting that the size of the power generator you choose must balance the available solar rays for recharging based on roof space, unshaded exposure, and sunlight intensity in your area.

Beyond matching generator capacity to essential loads, the ideal system size also factors in local solar conditions. Your home's daily solar access governs renewable charging rates for stored backup power reserves. 

A south-facing roof with minimal shading receives the most intense overhead rays year-round. Check exposure on potential generator placement walls or roof plans, too. Even seemingly minor obstructions like vents, poles, or edges reduce peak sun exposure. Low-angle winter rays compared to high summer sun translate into seasonal fluctuations in charging powers. 

But that's not all. Figuring a sufficient solar collection footprint means guaranteeing generator battery banks can fully recharge between outages. 

Where necessary, you may need to expand solar panel array sizes to compensate for partial shade zones on available roof space. Proper solar planning optimizes harvesting the sun's abundant renewable rays to power households during grid failures reliably.

The key calculation ensures the square footage solar array can sufficiently offset average daily household electrical loads and fully repower backup batteries such as B2 multi-functional battery even during shorter winter daylight hours. Orienting panels to effectively catch angled seasonal rays and selecting high-efficiency Oupes solar equipment further boosts the effective use of your roof real estate for harnessing the sun’s immense energy potential.

Take the leap today

Do you need help figuring out everything to make the right size choice for your power generators? There is no need to stress over it. Oupes has solar installation experts who will walk you through the entire process and handle your installations quickly.

For example, if you are a camper or love exploring the open road in your RV, you’ll need some backup. The OUPES 600 Portable Power Station would do just that and more. This is an awesome alternative to using noisy gas generators that are not great for the environment. 

Oupes is the pioneering leader in residential solar power generators. We will guide your family to the perfect size for your sustainable backup solution. Benefit from nearly a decade of industry expertise tailored specifically for seamlessly keeping your most important devices operational.


Choosing the optimal size of solar generator for your household's unique energy loads and priorities is a huge determinant of your backup power reliability.  

With a solar power generator, you can enjoy cleaner, quieter backup power security, knowing essential needs are well taken care of.  

Solar generators from Oupes let your household finally take charge by harnessing nature's reliable abundance.

Oupes is the home for premium quality generators with best-selling products such as OUPES 2400 Portable Power Station, OUPES 1800 Portable Power Station, OUPES 1200 Portable Power Station, and OUPES 600 Portable Power Station.

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