OUPES Launches the Mega 5, a Solar Battery With Super Wattage Capacity for Intensive Off-Grid Solutions

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If you've been caught unprepared for a power outage, we know how inconvenient it can be. And depending on the time of year, it can also be dangerous.

Power outages can happen for several reasons, mostly from major events like winter storms. One way to be prepared is to keep candles and torches handy in case the power goes out at night. But with a generator, you are able to use electrical items.

We're giving you everything you need to know about the OUPES Mega 5 portable backup generator. So, if you don't want to be caught unprepared, keep reading.

What Is a Portable Backup Generator?

A portable backup generator is a power source for tools and appliances when the power goes out that is easy to transport. Traditionally, they run on propane, diesel, or gasoline; however, alternative options like solar generators are available.

Each backup generator will have a couple of electrical outlets, allowing you to power more than one item at a time if needed. Because these generators run on fuel, they can be dangerous if used inside the house. Instead, this generator should be set up outside where it can safely operate.

Solar Portable Backup Generator

As mentioned, an alternative option to a fuel backup generator is a solar backup generator. These solar generators are a hybrid between an electric generator and a solar one. There are three ways you can charge a solar portable backup generator:

  • Plug into an outlet in your home
  • Use solar panels
  • Plug it into your vehicle

Not all portable solar generators are sold with solar panels, so you have to buy them separately or look for a bundle or kit.

What Is the OUPES Mega 5 Solar Generator?

The OUPES Mega 5 is revolutionizing solar generators. A powerful mobile power station, the OUPES Mega 5 can generate 5.04kWh at 4000 watts, making it an ideal option for almost any situation.

It's a portable solar generator with heavy-duty wheels that allow it to be easily moved. This new model has several more features, which we'll review in more detail here.

Scalable Capacity with an Expansion Battery

As a standalone unit, the Mega 5 has a 5.04kWh allowing you to run it for 2-3 days of emergency use. However, with an expansion battery, the OUPES Mega 5 can support a solar battery capacity of up to 10.08kWh. This could be enough solar battery storage to keep you running for 4-6 days of emergency use.

Fast Charging and Dual Recharge

If you hate waiting for things to charge, then the OUPES Mega 5 solar battery portable backup generator is made for you. Its dual-channel charging feature can provide speeds of up to 4250W. This is in addition to the EV charging ports, which allow you to utilize all EV stations across the United States.

You have the following charging combination options:

  • EV charging and solar panels (4250W, 1.4 hrs)
  • AC and solar charging (4000W, 1.5 hrs)
  • Solar charging (2250W, 2.5 hrs)
  • AC/EV Charging (2000W, 2.8 hrs)
  • AC/EV Charging with Extra Battery (2000W, 6 hrs)

24/7 UPS System (Uninterruptable Power Supply)

When connected to your home, the OUPES Mega 5 solar battery unit acts as a 24/7 UPS system. It's a great option for home use and has up to 16 output ports. This allows you to charge several devices, making it a versatile backup power generator. Along with a color LCD screen, the Mega 5 also has the following output ports:

  • 1x Anderson (12V/30A)
  • 4x USB-A (QC 3.0)
  • 2x Type-C (PD 60W)
  • 5x AC (120V/4000W)
  • 1x AC TT-30 (120V/4000W)
  • 2x 5.5mm DC (12V/10A)
  • 1x Car (12V/10A)

Following those, there are the following additional ports:

  • AC Charge Port
  • Anderson Charge Port
  • Extra Battery Port
  • Overload Protection Switch
  • EV Charge Port

Smart App Control

If you need to view the running status of your portable backup generator, there is no need to be right by the unit. When you download the OUPES App, you have all the options and controls you need to manage your power station. It connects via Bluetooth or WiFi, and, for example, you can control or view the:

  • Port status
  • Extended battery status
  • Real-time input and output

Long Life Span

The OUPES Mega 5 solar battery unit is state-of-the-art and uses EV-grade LiFePO4 batteries to provide extended power. You can use this high-quality solar battery for more than 3500 cycles before needing to be replaced. This is calculated at an 80% depth of discharge.

Safe To Use

The OUPES Mega 5 comes with extra protection built into the unit. It has the ability to cut power should the device exceed the maximum machine load. This will protect both your devices and your home from fire damage.


This portable backup generator weighs around 110 lbs and has a handle and wheels affixed. This makes it easy to transport and move from one area to another. Furthermore, because it doesn't weigh much, there is no need for extra equipment like a pull rod to move it.

Solar Charging

The OUPES Mega 5 Solar Generator accepts up to 1440W. It also supports AC and simultaneous solar charging (up to 4000W). This allows it to be charged in 2.8 and 1.5 hours, respectively.

Who Can Use the OUPES Mega 5?

The OUPES Mega 5 portable solar generator is an excellent option if you want to stay prepared for unexpected blackouts or if you're in an area with frequent rolling blackouts. With its powerful, extended capacity, you can get on with your day knowing your fridge won't go down during these outages.

Avid campers or RV vloggers will also find the OUPES Mega 5 extremely useful. If you don't like roughing it, taking this unit along will allow you to power appliances that can make your camping life much more comfortable.

What Can You Run on the OUPES Mega 5?

You can run several appliances using the Mega 5 portable backup generator. Some essential appliances and devices that the unit can run are:

  • Phone (10W)
  • CPAP (40W)
  • Laptop (85W)
  • Refrigerator (360W)
  • Microwave (700W)
  • Washer (500W)
  • Hair Dryer (800W)
  • Kettle (1500W)
  • Air Conditioner (1800W)
  • Air Fryer (1500W)
  • Coffee Maker (1000w)

Buy the Best Portable Backup Generator That Money Can Buy

Getting stuck without power can be a tremendous inconvenience, if not a safety issue. An unexpected power outage can leave you without electricity for hours. You know how much this downtime can cost if you work from home.

By preparing yourself with a portable backup generator, you don't have to spend longer than you need on downtime. Instead, a backup generator can provide the power you need to keep your household functioning.

If you're looking for the OUPES Mega 5 or similar backup solar generator options, look at our online offerings and find the power system that will work for you.

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