5 Things You Should Look for When Buying a Portable Power Station

5 Things You Should Look for When Buying a Portable Power Station

The market size for portable power stations worldwide was worth $4.0 billion in 2021, and it is expected to grow to $5.9 billion by 2031. Need portable power that can go with you anywhere?

With a portable power station, you can bring your power supply just about anywhere. There are many different features to consider. Choosing the best portable power station for your needs can be overwhelming. This is why we have put together a guide on things to look out for.

It’s important to understand all aspects of a portable power station so that you end up with one that’s reliable enough for whatever kinds of activities or trips come your way.

Potable power stations are the most convenient way possible to bring power anywhere. Learn what to look for when buying a portable power station here. Read on to learn useful advice when it comes to choosing a portable power supply.

1. Battery Capacity

To find a good portable power station, focus on its battery capacity as it directly affects how long your devices will run on a single charge. The higher the battery capacity, the longer the runtime. Therefore, it's recommended to opt for a power station with the highest possible battery capacity.

When choosing the battery capacity for your portable power station, it is important to consider factors such as size, weight, and cost. Therefore, it may be beneficial to take a more strategic approach to your decision-making process.

Measuring the battery capacity of portable power stations can be confusing because manufacturers use different metrics. The most common metrics used are mAh (milliamp hour), Ah (Amp hour), Wh (Watt hour), and kWh (kilowatt-hour).

The maximum power consumption of electronic devices is usually indicated in Watt-hours, which can be found on different types of power supplies. In case the power rating is given in Watts, you should know that one watt is equal to one Watt-hour.

2. The Outputs

To ensure you get a suitable power station, determine the number and types of devices you typically charge simultaneously since some power stations have two outputs while others have four.

Some portable power stations have the ability to charge wirelessly, which means that you can charge your wireless devices without needing an extra cable.

Think bot the type and how many outputs you need before you purchase a power station.

3. When You Will Use It

A portable power generator is not as powerful as a full-scale generator. However, because of their portability, they are better for other situations.


If camping without a camper, finding charging stations can be challenging. A portable power station for camping will mostly be needed to keep your navigation devices and smartphones charged. You can use it to power other small appliances and reduce stress on your primary power system. For camping, you will want to consider the weight and size of portable power station, ideally going for something compact.


If you frequently travel, especially in an RV, using a portable power station can reduce the strain on your vehicle's fuel consumption. It provides you with a clean and alternative source of power to replenish your electrical devices and emergency kits.

Emergency Situations

If your area has many power outages, it's helpful to have a backup power source for emergencies. Additionally, you can use a portable power station in a backyard shed or outhouse if there are no electrical outlets nearby to power your devices.

4. Time to Fully Charged

To plan your usage effectively, you should consider the duration it takes for the power station to reach full charge. For instance, if it takes a long time to charge your power station, you must include this aspect in your planning with greater detail.

You also might want to think about how it's charged. Does it need to be plugged into the main eclectic, or can it be changed by solar power?

5. The Warranty

An important aspect of purchasing anything is having a warranty. This will protect you in case of any issues after the purchase. Look for a reputable supplier that gives at least a one-year warranty. You might also be able to purchase an enhanced cover with additional coverage.

To find the best machine, read portable power station reviews. You'll be able to see which products to avoid.

Additional Features of a Portable Power Station

You should also consider the extra features that come with the power station in addition to its various capacities. These features might be of interest to you.

Different Inputs

If you're considering charging your portable power station using solar panels, it's recommended to purchase a portable station equipped with solar input. This feature comes in handy during longer camping trips as it allows you to recharge the generator when it's not in use.

Car Battery Jumpers

Some power stations provide jumper cables that are capable of jumpstarting a car. If a vehicle is an important part of your job, then you might want a portable power unit with this capability.

Wall Outlets

You can connect your appliances to a power station using wall outlets and use their power to operate them. This is useful if you're using the power unit at home or in an office.

Looking for a Portable Power Station?

Choosing the right portable power station for your needs is an important decision. By taking into account the factors we've mentioned you can make the best choice.

If you are looking for the best portable power station to keep your devices charged and ready wherever you go, then OUPES is the perfect place for you! Their online store offers a wide selection of power stations that come with a variety of features such as different outputs, wireless charging ability, solar panel compatibility, and more. Visit us today.

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