What to Look for in Solar Batteries in Home Backup Power Supply

What to Look for in Solar Batteries in Home Backup Power Supply

Does it feel like your home is losing power a lot more often than it used to? You aren't just imagining things.

Recent reports have revealed that power outages are taking place all across the nation at a much higher rate than usual. In fact, one set of researchers discovered that power outages have increased by more than 60% over the last ten years compared to the previous decade.

With this in mind, it would be worth investing in a home backup power supply if you don't already have one. More specifically, a solar battery would be an excellent addition to your home. It'll enable you to go through with charging a solar battery by harnessing the power of the sun so that you're never without emergency power.

The brand-new OUPES Mega 5 is a great example of a backup supply that can work wonders for your home. Here are the things you should look for when you want to buy a home solar battery like this.


In the event of a power outage in your home, do you really want to have to rely on a solar battery that was made by some no-name company to serve as your home backup power supply? Of course not.

If you do this, you aren't going to have much confidence in your home backup power supply. It might not be able to provide the emergency power you need.

It's why you should only invest in a portable home power supply from a brand like OUPES. OUPES specializes in manufacturing high-quality portable power stations and other home solar products like the Mega 5 that'll exceed your wildest expectations.


When you need to pull out a home backup supply, the last thing you want to have to do is get a workout in while putting it in place. Fortunately, you aren't going to need to do this when you purchase the OUPES Mega 5.

Although the Mega 5 packs a real punch in the backup power department (more on this in a moment!), it's very portable and easy to move around. You'll be able to bring it almost anywhere in your home without having to get someone to help you or put anything in your house at risk.


Arguably the most important feature of any home backup power supply is going to be its capacity. If a solar battery doesn't have a high enough capacity, it might not be able to set you up with power for very long.

This is yet another thing you won't have to worry about when you go with an OUPES Mega 5 over other solar battery options. It has a solar battery with a capacity of 5.04 kWh. That'll provide you with enough power to keep things in your house turned on for two to three days.

Additionally, the Mega 5 has a 4000W sine wave inverter that'll put you in the perfect position to provide power to your refrigerator and your other large appliances. You'll also be able to charge phones, laptops, etc., with ease.

Charging Options

The solar battery found in the OUPES Mega 5 will hold a charge for a significant amount of time. But at some point, you will need to recharge it so that it's ready to go. Doing this won't be a problem at all.

You can charge up the entire 5.04 kWh battery in the Mega 5 in just 90 minutes while using AC power and solar power. You'll also have the option to plug a solar generator into the Mega 5 to charge it, and you can even hook an external battery to it to give it another two to three days of life if you have one handy.


Some home backup power supplies won't give you any idea as to how much life a solar battery has left. But this won't be the case with the OUPES Mega 5.

It comes with a built-in LCD screen that'll tell you how much battery life you have remaining. It'll also reveal which of the Mega 5's ports are being used at any given moment. You can then unplug certain devices from the Mega 5 if it seems like they're draining too much battery life from your emergency power supply.


Speaking of ports, whichever home backup power supply you buy for your home should have lots and lots (and lots!) of them. The more ports it has, the more backup power you'll be able to provide to your home.

The OUPES Mega 5 has 16 ports in total. This includes:

  • 2 USB-C ports
  • 4 USB-A ports
  • 5 AC output ports

There is even an EV port. You won't face any shortage of ports when you have to pull out the Mega 5 for home backup power.


It isn't always easy to install other home backup power supplies. You'll typically have to bring in an electrician and pay them to do it.

But setting up the OUPES Mega 5 will be a breeze. All you'll need to do is connect whatever you want to your home backup supply and then plug it into the nearest outlet. It'll turn the Mega 5 into a reliable backup power source.

You can also opt to connect a solar generator to the Mega 5 to use solar power to charge it up. This will help you stay off the grid with your Mega 5 by giving you access to solar energy.

As an added bonus, this option will also turn the Mega 5 into a fantastic option for those who want to bring it along when they go camping. You can use it and a solar generator to get access to power no matter where you might be.

Let the OUPES Mega 5 Be Your Home Backup Power Supply

In 2023, the idea of living without a home backup power supply is scary. There is no telling when a power outage might come along and knock your electricity out for hours or potentially even days at a time.

The OUPES Mega 5 would be a great investment for your house. You'll love the peace of mind you'll get the second you welcome it into your home.

Contact us for more information on the OUPES Mega 5, which was just released on May 22.

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