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  • Mega 5 + 4*240W Solar Panel | Solar Generator Kit
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    Mega 5 + 4*240W Solar Panel | Solar Generator Kit

    Mega 5 + 4*240W Solar Panel | Solar Generator Kit

    • 5040Wh Capacity | 4000W AC Pure Sine Wave Inverter (7000W Surge)
    • LiFePO4 Battery with 3,500+ Life Cycles to 80%
    • Expandable Up to 45.36kWh with B5
    • 16 Outputs For Multiple Devices
    • 6 Ways to Recharge (AC/Solar/Car/AC+Solar/Generator/EV charger)
    • Smart HD LCD display
    • Fastest Charging Speed: Fully charge in 1.5 hours
    • 3900W Max. Input charging speed
    • Anderson Recharging Input
    • Seamless UPS Backup (2200W Max)
    • Smart Control & Monitor in OUPES App
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    Tax included.
    You Could Apply for a 30% Tax Credit*
    When installing solar system as a Home Power Solution.
    5% of sales will be donated to
    the OUPES help project to help those in need.
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    Mega 5 Home Backup & Portable Power Station | 4000W 5040Wh
    Fast shipping
    30-Days Money Back
    36-Months Warranty
    Lifetime customer support
    Expansion Battery

    Double the Power Capacity

    Mega 5 supports capacity expansion to 45.36kWh by connecting multiple expansion batteries. With Mega5, you're covered for any situation from tailgate power to extreme blackouts that last for days.
    Run Your Home Appliances

    With 4000W Ultra Power

    Using the latest 4000W sine wave inverter developed by OUPES, the power station can support almost any appliance running at full power, from off-grid essentials like microwaves and refrigerators to professional tools like power drills and high-output lights.
    < 100W
  • Phone 15wh 250+ Charges
  • CPAP 40W 100+ Hrs
  • Laptop 58W 70+ Hrs
  • Light 10W 400+ Hrs
  • Fan 55W 70+ Hrs
  • 100W~1000w
  • Refrigerator 360W 11+ Hrs
  • Microwave 700W 6.12+ Hrs
  • Hair Dryer 800w 5.3+ Hrs
  • Toaster 800W 5.3+ Hrs
  • Washer 500W 8.5+ Hrs
  • 1000W~4000W
  • Electric Grill 1150W 3.7+ Hrs
  • Kettle 1500W 2.8+ Hrs
  • Air conditioner 1800W 2.3+ Hrs
  • Air fryer 1500w 2.8+ Hrs
  • Coffee Maker 1000W 4.2+ Hrs
  • Plug and Play

    Home Backup Power System

    Up to 16 output ports for every need. Simply plug in what you want to charge and press the button, limitless power is available to you. The color LCD screen displays the status of the plant, including the fault code, power remaining, port status, etc
    Lasts for 10 Years

    Stable LiFePO4 Battery

    Mega 5 uses EV-grade LiFePO4 battery, which can be used for 3500+ cycles at 80% depth of discharge. Combined with OUPES' advanced battery management system, the Mega 5 is incredibly safe and durable.
    LFP Battery Charge Cycles
    Maintain good health for at least
    Dual Channel Charging

    Multi-channel Charging Tech

    Mega5 features the OUPES' latest Multi-charging Tech and it can deliver record-breaking speeds at 3900W. At the same time, It is also with equipped EV charging ports, so you can charge at thousands of EV stations around the US.
    Solar Panel
    120V Wall outlet
    EV Charger
    Car Outlet
    Monitor and Control

    Power in Your Hands

    No need to get up from your comfy sofa - you can operate Mega 5 from your mobile phone conveniently. On OUPES App, you can view and control your power station status, such as real-time input & output, port status, extended battery status, and more.
    Fastest Charging Speed

    Fully charge in 1.3 hours

    Multi-channel charging tech provides more possibilities for further speeding up the charging speed. You can choose the charging methods you want according to your conditions. Even without multi-channel charge, you can still fully charge your Mega 5 in 2.8 hours.
    1.3 hours
    1.3 hours
    2.4 hours
    2.8 hours
    5.6 hours
    EV Charging + Solar Panels Mega5
    AC +Solar Charging Mega5
    2100W Solar Charging Mega5
    AC/EV Charging Mega5
    AC/EV Charging|Mega5 + Extra Battery
    EV Charging + Solar Panels Mega5
    1.3 hours
    AC +Solar Charging Mega5
    1.3 hours
    2100W Solar Charging Mega5
    2.4 hours
    AC/EV Charging Mega5
    2.8 hours
    AC/EV Charging|Mega5 + Extra Battery
    5.6 hours

    Embrace the Quiet

    Immerse yourself in nature's calmness with our product's minimal noise output, allowing you to savor the serenity

    Integration with home circuits

    Building up your home backup system to keep your essential circuits running when a blackout hits. Ensure peace of mind with the easily integrated whole-home backup kit: OUPES Mega 5, Pro/Tran 2® Transfer Switch Kit, and NEMA TT-30P to L14-30R Cord.

    HOBOTECH: “The mega 5 is actually going to be the best bang for the buck large power station over 3000 watts, there are very few all-in-one units with 4-kilowatt inverters and five-kilowatt batteries built in.”


    Battery Chemistry
    Cycle Life
    3,500+ cycles to 80% capacity
    AC Output
    DC Output
    2X5.5mm DC Output
    4 X QC3.0 18W Max
    2XPD 60W.PD 60W Max
    AC TT-30 Output
    Car Output
    Anderson Output
    Fast AC Charge Input
    100~120Va.c 16A Max 1800W Max
    Slow AC Charge Input
    100~120Va.c 16A Max 900W Max
    Solar Input
    12~150Vd.c 15A Max 2100W Max
    EV Charging
    100~120Va.c 16A Max
    Smart Control
    Bluetooth, Wifi
    App Control
    Amazon Alexa & Google Asistant
    Net Weight
    25.2*11.9*17.2in (641.5*304.5*437.5mm)
    Operating Temperature
    Storage Temperature
    36 Months

    OUPES 240W Solar Panel

    Rated Power
    Connector Type
    7909 DC Connector
    Open Circuit Voltage
    Short Circuit Current
    Maximum Operating Voltage
    Maximum Operating Current
    Cell Type
    Monocrystalline Silicon
    Unfolded Dimensions
    Folded Dimensions
    Operating Temperature
    -20°C~85°C/ -4℉ to 185℉
    12 Months

    In the Box(MEGA 5)

    1 Mega 5 Portable Power Station
    1*AC Charging Cable
    1* Anderson to Anderson Cable
    1*7909 to Anderson Charging Cable
    1*Car to Anderson Charging Cable
    1*MC4 to Anderson Charging Cable
    1*User Manual
    1*Warranty Card

    Solar Panel(Depends on your option)

    240W Solar Panels
    1 * User Manual
    1 * Warranty Card
    7909 & MC4 Charging Cable


    Can I use third party solar panel?

    Most of the solar panels on the market are compatible, but you need to check whether the specifications and plug are matched (Within 150V, and the connection port is Anderson), you also can feel free to contact us via email before connecting them.

    Actually, we suggest customers connect the OUPES solar panel with the OUPES solar generator, as there is already a solution provided in the generator and also the third-party solar panel.

    Different companies' solutions may conflict, causing charging not to be done as efficiently as desired although they are universal.

    Can I use a third party expanded battery?

    No, the Mega 5 can't be expanded with third party battery. Please choose B5 expanded battery with it.

    What types of battery does OUPES use?

    LiFePO4 - The Battery is estimated to have over 80% of your original capacity after 3500 cycles, with a gradual reduction after that. (Note: this doesn't mean the battery only has a 3500 cycle life span. It means that up until 3500 cycles, the unit can perform at its best. However, due to battery degradation there will be a gradual decline in performance after 3500 cycles.) 


    It has 6 times of longer lifespan than ordinary lithium batteries. LiFePO4 battery is much safer, more stable and more eco-friendly with no heavy metal elements that are harmful to people.

    How do I know if the Mega 5 can power my device?

    The OUPES Mega 5 can run any device that requires less than 120V and 4000W. You can calculate the charge time using the following formula: 5040Wh* 0.85 / operating power of your device.

    Does it support pass-through charging?

    Yes, the OUPES Mega 5 supports pass-through charging without damaging the battery.

    Is it waterproof? Is it fireproof?

    1. OUPES Mega 5 is not waterproof. Please make sure to shelter it from rain
    2. The outer case of our products is made of fireproof material UL 94-V0

    How to keep this product when it is not used for a long time?

    1. Maintain the battery at a charge level between 60% and 80% of its rated capacity. It is recommended to check and recharge the battery every 3 months to keep it within this range.
    2. Store the battery in a dry and cool environment with a temperature range of 0 ℃ to 40 ℃ (32 ℉ to 104 ℉).
    3. Ensure the storage area has a humidity level between 0% and 60%.
    4. Avoid exposing the battery to corrosive substances, as they can damage the battery's integrity and performance.
    5. Keep the battery away from fire hazards and heat sources to prevent potential damage or overheating.
    By adhering to these guidelines, you can help preserve the battery's condition and extend its overall lifespan during extended periods of inactivity.

    Does the OUPES Mega 5 package come with all the charging cables?

    Yes, the OUPES Mega 5 package will come with all the charging cables, you don't need to purchase any extra cables.

    Do you charge tax/shipping fee?

    We provide no tax charge and free shipping service in the continental United States. The prices on our website will deliver the product to your door

    Is the solar panel waterproof? Can I use an extension cable?

    We have waterproof treatment for solar panels, but I do not recommend you use them in the rain. Portable solar panels cannot be fully waterproofed like hard solar panels. Long-term exposure to rain may reduce cell efficiency. The length of the solar charging cable is 16ft long. We also provide the extensions on the website. Please note that the charging efficiency may be reduced due to the charging cable being prolonged. It might require more time to finish charging with extension cables.