How to Prepare for Full-Time RV Living

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Tired of your 9-to-6 work life? Hate those unfinished boring work tasks? Ever feel like you can't breathe in a busy city? Go on an RV tour that says go! Let your time be yours again! This blog is here to help you plan the perfect Full-Time RV Living!

Do Your Research:

If a worker wants to do a good job, he must first sharpen his tools. Before going on an RV trip, to make the trip safer and more fun, you need to know:

How long do you plan to travel? The longer the trip, the more important it is for you to prepare everything in advance. For example, if you are planning to travel for a month or more, then you may need several weeks before leaving home to acquire supplies and equipment. 

    1. What kind of RV do you need for this trip?

This is the most important step before starting your full-time RV living journey. The type of vehicle you choose will affect your comfort and safety during the trip.

     2. What are the necessities for a trip?

RVing can be very costly if you don't prepare enough before leaving home. You need to consider all aspects of camping such as food, entertainment, and safety equipment before heading out into nature's wilderness. Things like food, water, common medications, solar power station, pillows, etc.

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Create a To-Do List: 

To make sure you don't miss anything important during your trip, you need to make a To-Do list that is as complete as possible:

To make sure you don't miss anything important during your trip, you need to make a To-Do list that is as complete as possible. Such as:

l Get a good solar power station ready.

l Make sure you have an emergency kit with food and water;

l Get all necessary documents like passports, driver’s license, and personal identification papers;

l Check if there is any damage in your vehicle;

l Take photos of important items like furniture or clothing so that if needed, you can replace them in case of damage or loss;

l Make sure you have all the necessary tools needed for repairs during an emergency;

Set Up Your Energy System: 

During RV travel, many people choose a quiet lifestyle: make a cup of fragrant coffee, quietly read a book, and enjoy the quiet. But many people like the lively atmosphere, such as listening to rock music on the endless highway, and using the camera to take photos and videos to record and share life on YouTube and Facebook.

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Different people have different needs. However, one thing remains the same: in modern life, electrical support is essential. However, it is difficult to get stable circuit protection in an RV. Therefore, setting up your energy system is the best choice.

There are many energy storage power sources on the market, but more than half of the people believe that the best choice is the solar power station.

The solar power station is an all-in-one solution that can provide an efficient and stable power supply for your home appliances. It’s a great idea to install one before you hit the road so that you can enjoy uninterrupted service during your travels.

You can do many things with solar power:

l Install a solar power system on your rig. This will allow you to charge all of your electronics without having to run an extension cord from your RV to a nearby outlet. If you're looking for a quick fix, you can also buy an external battery pack that will charge up via a USB connection or AC outlet.

l Choose an energy-efficient motorhome or fifth-wheel trailer. This will save you money on gas and reduce carbon emissions.

l Use LED lights throughout your RV. They use less energy than fluorescent and incandescent bulbs, and they last longer than both of them combined!

Get RV Insurance and Health Insurance:

When going out, people may inevitably encounter bad things, such as getting sick, such as falling, and so on. So, the advice here is: to buy RV insurance and health insurance in advance.

RV insurance can protect your vehicle from theft, vandalism, fire, and other accidents. The important thing is to choose a reliable company to buy it from. Many companies sell RV insurance online, so you can compare prices first before buying one.

Health insurance can protect you from unexpected medical expenses while living on the road. It’s also useful when you’re traveling in foreign countries because most countries require visitors to get travel insurance before entering the country.

Find a Mobile Internet Solution:

A lot of people agree on this: It's hard to live without the Internet. If you think so, then you'd better find a mobile internet solution when traveling in an RV. Here are some tips:

l Use Your Phone as a Hotspot

l Use a Portable WiFi Hot Spot

l Get a Satellite Dish For Your RV

However, the premise of using these things is that you must first have a portable solar power station to provide you with electrical support.

a portable power station called oupes

Pack Only the Necessities:

Although the RV looks big, I would recommend that you bring a few things, preferably only those that you think are necessary. Because the space is limited, you can't bring too many things. This would also make it easier for you to pack and unpack your stuff when you get to your destination.

Travel the world freely:

The world is big, but the footsteps of people are pitifully small. So it is recommended that you plan where to go before you set off. Don't think that planning will be a constraint playing in a direction may give you a more free experience!


RV travel is like a sweet candy that makes people happy just thinking about it. We also sincerely hope that you can reap more happiness in this journey. But at the same time, I hope you don't forget to do the necessary preparations before departure, such as buying a portable solar power station, buying insurance, etc. Safety comes first after all!

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