OUPES Mega 5 Launch: The Most Powerful 5.04 KWH Solar Battery With New Modular Accessories

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Did you know installing a solar panel at home can reduce your carbon emissions by around 1.5 tons per year?

While the exact carbon reduction will vary depending on the size of your solar panel, simply supplementing your home’s energy with solar can make a major impact. If you think that setting up an entire solar panel and inverter is complicated, think again!

The OUPES Mega 5 is a portable power supply that can connect and charge with solar panels. The new Mega 5 acts as a solar battery and connects directly to your household appliances. This makes it the simplest way to supplement your home’s energy with solar power.

Interested in learning about this home backup power station? Read on to learn more about the OUPES Mega 5 and its modular accessories.

The New OUPES Mega 5

The OUPES Mega 5 is a powerful backup battery that comes with fast charging and the latest 4000W sine wave inverter. This means that the compact power supply has enough capacity to power any device or appliance at home.

The Mega 5 can effortlessly power kettles, coffee makers, and even refrigerators. The entire battery pack can operate as a portable power supply or a dynamic UPS. This means that you can connect it to your home and leave it to kick in whenever there’s a blackout.

The innovative technology also lets you connect to modular accessories to expand its capabilities. This includes an additional battery pack but also solar panels. This way you can recharge your battery while you’re camping or at home to reduce your energy consumption from the grid.

A Scalable, Portable Power Station

The OUPES Mega 5 comes with tons of new technology. However, the most notable benefit of the OUPES Mega 5 is the scalability of the power supply. This means that you can connect the Mega 5 to an extra battery to extend its total capacity.

The capacity of the Mega 5 is 5.04 kWh, enough power for around two to three days of emergency power. You can then connect this to an external battery to take the entire system’s capacity to 10.08 kWh. This extends its capacity to support four to six days of emergency power.

OUPES Mega 5 Features

The OUPES Mega 5 comes with everything you need to power your home. The latest version comes with a modular design, dual recharge technology, and a powerful app to bring everything together. Here’s a quick look at the most notable features.

Dual Recharge

The Mega 5 comes with dual recharge capabilities. This allows you to charge the power station to full in record time. The entire 5.04 kWh battery can charge to full in 1.5 hours using AC and solar power. If you connect it to AC power, the entire battery will charge to full in just 2.8 hours.

Durable 5.04 kWh Battery

The portable power station comes with a scalable battery capacity, with the single power supply boasting 5.04 kWh. This is enough emergency power for two to three days! The power supply also comes with the latest 4000W sine wave inverter, allowing you to seamlessly power all your appliances at home.

With just 100W, you’ll be able to charge your phones, laptops, and even a CPAP machine. Your larger appliances tend to take around 1000W to 1500W, allowing the Mega 5 to power everything without breaking a sweat.

Built-In LCD Screen

The Mega 5 comes with a digital screen that displays information for you in real time. This screen will let you know how much battery is left along with what ports are being used.

Tons of Ports

The OUPES Mega 5 comes with all the ports you need to run your home. There are 16 output ports. These ports include 2x USB C ports, 4x USB A ports, 5x AC output ports, and even an EV charging port. This means you can power all your devices and appliances with ease.

Simple Installation

The best part about the Mega 5 is how easy it is to install. All you need to do is connect your appliances to the battery pack and the battery pack to the wall and you’re all set. This sets the device up as a UPS to kick in as soon as there’s a blackout.

When you're outdoors, you just need to connect your devices and press a single button to set everything up. You can also connect your solar generator to the power station, allowing the battery to charge at the same time.

Solar Charging

If you have a solar generator, you can connect this to your Mega 5 to charge the battery. This helps you stay off the grid at home or provide you with essential power when you’re outdoors.


The OUPES App makes it effortless to view and control your power station from your smartphone. The app lets you view real-time stats, with the ability to turn the power station off before the battery completely dies.

The Ultimate Solar Battery

Whether you need a UPS for your home or a powerful solar battery to get your home off the grid, the OUPES Mega 5 is the perfect choice. The 5.04 kWh battery is incredibly powerful but can also connect to another battery to extend its capacity. The OUPES Mega 5 comes with all the ports you need, allowing you to keep your home connected.

If you want to learn more about the new OUPES Mega 5, visit our website today. You can also browse some of our other solar accessories to help you get your home off the grid.

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