OUPES Unveils Its New Brand Identity Reflecting Upgraded Product Portfolio and Reveals its Next New High-end Product

OUPES Unveils Its New Brand Identity Reflecting Upgraded Product Portfolio and Reveals its Next New High-end Product

OUPES, the clean generator expert providing people with innovative and eco-friendly power solutions, recently reorganized its product portfolio with two series, named Alpha and Mega. The OUPES Alpha series offers solar generators for outdoor trips and adventures, including existing products of OUPES 600W, OUPES 1200W, OUPES 1800W, and OUPES 2400W. The OUPES Mega series will include new products with greater power and capacity for home use and commercial use.

New Product Profile of oupes

The New OUPES Brand Identity

With clearer product portfolio planning, OUPES officially launched a new brand identity. It includes:

New brand identity of oupes

Creative switch for the letter “O”: Combine the original "lightning" with a low sense of existence with the letter "O", which symbolizes the power switch and start your convenient and intelligent environmental-protection life with one click. The lightning symbol on the top of the “O”, represents the clean power coming from the sun. 

Simplified graphic structure: The overall outline of the new logo has removed the "stars". Because "stars" are only decorative and do not have special connotations. And re-designed gap between letters makes the letter more readable. 

Optimized incision shape: A unified rounded corner improvement was carried out for the low-recognition letters of the original logo, so that the overall arc of the new graphics was more rhythmic, and increased affinity while ensuring rigor, more readable, and recognizable.

The new OUPES logo has been being in use on its official website. This logo will also be applied to the new Mega series with its first product coming in early 2023.

The Reveal of the Next New OUPES Product for Home Backup Power

OUPES Mega 5

The OUPES Mega series is built for home backup, power outages and commercial use for people like street vendors. The features of expandable capacity, multi-charging ports, huge solar input, and more will help you stay powered. It will provide faster charging speed compared with that of the Alpha series, and it will come with a free OUPES app to let you manage your product on your phone.

The first product of the Mega series will meet you in early 2023, so let's look forward to it.

BTW, benefits provided by OUPES you shouldn’t miss currently is the Black Friday Sales in 2022 during 15th to 30th in November.  

black friday sale of oupes

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