600W Solar Generator Specification

600W Power Station

600W power station specification

600W Power Station User Manual

AC Output 2 outlets, 600W(Surge 1000W)
Capacity 595Wh
USB-A Output 2 ports, QC 3.0, 18W Max
USB-C In/Output 1 port, 5/9/12/15/20V, 5A, 60W Max
Car Power Output 12V, 10A, 120W Max
DC5521 Output 2 ports, 12V, 10A, 120W Max
7909 DC Input Port 1 port, 100W Max, 12-30V
Battery Chemistry LFP(LiFePO4)
Cycle Life 2,500+ cycles to 80% capacity
Net Weight 14 lbs
Dimension 10.5*7.8*9.7 in


100W Solar Panel

100W/240W Solar Panel

100W Solar Panel User Manual

Rated Power 105W(±5W)
Efficiency 21%–22%
Connector Type 7909 DC Connector
Open Circuit Voltage 21.4V (Vmp 18.2V)
Working Current 5.2 A
Cell Type Monocrystalline Silicon
Unfolded Dimensions 65.6*16.3*0.2 in
Folded Dimensions 16.3*14.5*1.4 in
Weight 8 lbs
Operating Temperature

−4°F to 185°F


Package Includes

600W + 100W Solar
  • 600W Portable Power Station
  • 1* 100W Portable Solar Panel
  • 1* 100W AC Adapter
  • 1* Car Charging Cable
  • 1*  User Manual
  • 1* Warranty Card